Hopeful Diablo Alternative With Disastrous Steam Launch

Undecember was one of the most notable demos along with Manor Lords during the October Steam game preview. The December demo peaked at 16,500 concurrent players on Steam. The promising title is a hack’n’slash action RPG from Korean developer Needs Games. In the East Asian country, players can participate since the beginning of the year, in Germany that day, October 12, the starting gun went off.

What’s appealing about Undecember is the fact that it’s about to become a potential Diablo alternative that’s also free, like Path of Exile, which will soon be ten years old. In Undecember, players can combine their skills and runes indefinitely. This should provide players with ample opportunities to try out new tactics and strategies in slaughter battles against hordes of opponents. There are no predefined classes.

Undecember launches with a rough awakening on Steam

Since the release has already taken place, the first stats and statistics are available – and they are difficult. A positive point of Undecember is the solid influx of players. Meanwhile, many Steam users are interested in taking a closer look at the free hack ‘n’ slash action RPG. At its peak, Undecember was able to accumulate over 40,000 concurrent players on its day of release. This means that Needs Games’ game holds the top spot among the most played Steam titles right now.

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The bad news for Undecember comes quickly though, as so far the Diablo alternative has been a colossal failure, if you take the first player reviews on Steam as an opportunity. This shows that of the more than 500 submitted so far, only 27 percent are positive, which is more than just sub-optimal. The reason for this can be found in the Steam comments: Undecember can be played for free, but only on the face of it.

Most Steam users complain that the Hack’n’Slay is a mobile game on PC, whose store probably has outrageous prices and you basically have to pay for everything except the game itself. Undecember talks about a Diablo Immortal clone, among other things. A user succinctly writes: “Undecember? Uninstalled”.

Another responded similarly, just a little more elaborately: “Hyped – installed – looked at the store – used calculator – laughed – deleted – surprised removal was free.” The coming days and weeks will probably show whether Undecember can recover from this “false start” and whether the developers can do something about the shopping problem.

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