Hong Kong Masters: O’Sullivan after furious comeback against Neil Robertson in final – Fu beats Higgins by maximum

The cheers of thousands of fans were indescribable as Marco Fu hit the last black ball to his maximum and so perfected the victory. He had a shot at maximum in the previous frame, but missed the tenth red.

John Higgins had won the first frame with a 105 and appeared to be on the right track on lap two until after 50 points he missed a red in the middle.

Marco Fu equalized with 75. But Higgins pulled away at halftime to 3-1 with breaks of 68 and 83 points. After the break, the break festival continued: a 61 from Fu countered Higgins with a 91 to make it 4:2.

Hong Kong Masters

O’Sullivan advances to semi-finals with ease – Robertson wins with highest break


In the next two frames, Higgins had taken a significant lead, but Fu rolled up both frames from behind and equalized at 4:4. With his second century of another 105 points, Higgins came close to victory, but Marco Fu’s maximum show followed.

O’Sullivan vs Robertson with his back against the wall

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Neil Robertson delivered an exciting race full of class. The two made it to five centuries in the replay of the 2017 final.

O’Sullivan started better with a 72 to make it 1-0 and looked on course to make it 2-0 when he missed from the spot on a 49 black. From that moment on, defending champion Robertson initially dominated the game.

With patience and a brilliant 41-point clearance, the Australian equalized on black and then turned it up a notch: with a 105, a 100 and a 135, he played three centuries in a row. O’Sullivan hadn’t scored a point since missing the black.

O’Sullivan with Magic Blast in semifinal

O’Sullivan crowns comeback

In the sixth frame, however, it was Neil Robertson who missed a split attempt with Black. That turned the game around. Ronnie O’Sullivan came back with a 93 and then got the hard-fought seventh frame to make it 3:4. Two centuries of 105 and 104 points then put the record world champion back in the lead.

Both had chances in the tenth frame. Ronnie O’Sullivan scored 24 points, but then missed a long red line. Neil Robertson promptly had a break but after 50 points it was all over when he missed red in the middle. With a 52, O’Sullivan got his fifth frame in a row, ending his comeback.

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Hong Kong Masters

O’Sullivan beats Robertson from a 4-1 deficit


Hong Kong Masters

O’Sullivan with Magic Blast in semifinal


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