Hesse abolishes job type – More than 100 people are threatened with unemployment

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From: Claudia Fester


University without research assistants: soon to become reality at the University of Kassel. (Archive image) © Archive

A change in Hesse also causes problems in Kassel. At the University of Kassel, the scientific assistants will probably be on the street soon.

Kassel – All research assistants at the University of Kassel will soon be out on the street. Because the job group has been abolished nationally. One of those affected is a university graduate with a bachelor’s degree who does not want her name to appear in the newspaper. She has worked in the social sciences department for years and is angry: “For years I have put a lot of time and love into my job and done a lot for the university.” Now she has to look for another job.

The young woman, we call her Luisa, shares the fate of all the scientific assistants in Hesse, who also had temporary contracts without collective agreements, and some of them worked on third-party projects. In May, there were 103 research assistants at the University of Kassel. Their contracts are about to expire. According to the university, there are currently 38 temporary employment contracts for academic employees.

University of Kassel: the stepping stone to medium-level research is gone

Luisa worked as a student assistant for six years during her studies. After her bachelor’s degree earlier this year, she accepted an offer as a research assistant. For many, this activity is seen as a stepping stone to mid-level academic positions, where academic staff work on collective bargaining basis and work towards a PhD. Luisa had also considered doing a PhD. She hadn’t found a possible PhD topic yet, and that means her path at university is over.

Behind every fixed-term contract is a fate: Luisa reports on a colleague who has a scholarship, but that is not enough to cover her living expenses, so she depended on the position as a research assistant. Like many others this one was “stumped”.

Employed at the University of Kassel: only found out about the termination by accident

Luisa only found out by accident that the contracts were expiring: she also had to do secretarial work during her work and a corresponding e-mail had landed on her desk. Luisa knows colleagues who have been informed via social media rather than by their supervisor.

“The way the university treated us was not good,” Luisa criticizes. They would have worked on their projects with passion until the very end. Now Luisa is also on the street and has to apply for the job market with her bachelor’s degree. (Claudia Feser)

Against the background of increased prices, the canteen of the University of Kassel recently increased food prices.

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