Heidi Klum shares sensitive nipple photo on Instagram

Heidi Klum likes to show a lot of skin on Instagram.Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Imke Gerriets

Heidi Klum has a huge following on Instagram. More than ten million people follow her there and are regularly provided with posts. The model often shares private insights into his life and shares behind-the-scenes photos of his work. Time and time again, the 49-year-old provides her community with racy photos. Heidi likes to dress casually online.

So she sat naked behind a transparent curtain or shared a clip of herself placing a cake on her lap while wearing red lingerie.

However, it was particularly spicy for her Halloween party. Since she also showed herself naked here, she covered only the most important parts with her arm and with the help of the flashlight. However, that was now over. Part of her nipple was now showing in Heidi’s latest Instagram snap.

Heidi Klum bares part of her chest

In the photo, Heidi Klum now showed herself in a white body that was generously cut out at the top. This exposed part of her left breast. The model released the comment and like feature. But it can be assumed that many hearts will fly to her for this too. One of her Halloween photos alone, which shows her as a worm, received more than 397,000 likes. Incidentally, she simply wrote “Mood” for her last photo, which speaks for her mood.

However, with her latest revealing post, Heidi could be in trouble with Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It said: “We know that sometimes people want to share images of nudity as an artistic or creative form of expression. However, displaying nudity is not allowed on Instagram for various reasons.”

And further: “This includes certain photos of female nipples, but also photos in the context of breastfeeding, childbirth and the moments after, in health-related contexts (for example, after a mastectomy, to raise awareness of breast cancer or during gender reassignment surgery) or a protest action Allowed.” It remains to be seen how strict the social media platform is now with Heidi’s photo. In any case, the photo has been online for several hours.

Three weeks ago, Joko and Klaas caused quite a stir on the internet: they had earned 15 minutes of airtime as part of their program “Joko & Klaas versus ProSieben”. As has often been the case in the past, the entertainers used this for a political purpose: they handed over their two Instagram accounts to two Iranian activists – not just temporarily, but forever. However, now the two are back on the platform.

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