Heavy console deals on Vice Black Friday

Black Friday: Buy cheap Nintendo Switch OLED from Amazon

Black Friday week started on November 18 at Amazon and we have a blatant week right before Black Friday on November 25 bargain discovers! The white edition of the Nintendo Switch OLED is now available for sensational 333 euros to have! Truly a heavenly bargain. So is the popular console in red and blue finally available again:

Besides: Do you buy from November 18 to 28 a product sold by Amazon and the price keeps falling, Amazon will refund you the difference – without you having to do anything! So you can strike immediately with a clear conscience.

The latest Nintendo Switch has (as the name suggests) a colorful OLED screen, a larger screen and extremely limited availability: getting your hands on the console isn’t that easy – it’s often sold out and often expensive. We tell you exactly where you can find a copy for a good price.


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OLED switching at OTTO

The popular console is currently also available from OTTO for a low price. You can currently get the Switch OLED from the mail order company 339 euros in a few days at your doorstep – unfortunately it is currently out of stock.

Bee OTTO the Nintendo Switch OLED is also available in a bundle! The expensive “Switch Sports” bundles are currently available 379 euroswith “Pokémon Legends Arceus” or with “Mario Strikers: Battle League Football” for each 374 euros Selecting. Also a great deal!

Alternative: Buy the “regular” Nintendo Switch

Surely it should rather be the ‘normal’, cheaper switch console without an OLED display? You can also easily buy these directly from Amazon. Unfortunately, it is currently not available in classic gray or in blue/red. See if it’s available again here:

OTTO also has an attractive online multiplayer bundle with Mario Kart 8 including a booster track pass and Nintendo Switch Online membership for cheap 288 euros Selecting.

Switch on the go – cheaper than ever!

If you gamble a lot on the go or in handheld mode and flirt with the Switch Lite, Amazon will make you an offer that is hard to refuse. You can now get the Nintendo Switch Lite in blue for a hammer price of only 199 euros!

Mario Kart and Co. for the Switch: buy cheap here

So that the fun can start right away, you can download the brand new title “Splatoon 3” for 44 euros or buy the cool game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. For scarce 49 euros in a few days it can be at your home. Due to high demand, the games often sell out – so keep an eye out. The camps are always replenished:

Who is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth it for?

The larger and improved OLED display makes the Nintendo Switch OLED better than the classic Switch, especially in handheld mode. In TV mode, apart from the larger internal memory (64 instead of 32 GB), there is no difference between the models. But if you mainly want to use the console on the go and find the Nintendo Switch Lite, which was also designed for this purpose, too small, you will certainly be happy with the new model.

Order now for your Nintendo Switch OLED

All kinds of accessories are also available for the coveted console. Our tip: Real professional gamers should get a Nintendo Pro Controller, so that you are in control of every situation. When you’re on the go, you also need to protect your console properly to avoid scratching the display.

The console alternatives:

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