He reveals so much about the ruling in private

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappen is angry. That after the team order affair in Brazil it looked like he was the villain in the story, who doesn’t give a damn about the interests of his loyal “wingman” Sergio Perez and completely selfishly refuses even orders from his Red Bull team, that is because only a small part of the truth. But that’s exactly why the 25-year-old is being sharply criticized from some angles.

Max Verstappen is still not talking about what happened for Brazil


Especially the trolls on social media, who attack not only him but also his family below the waist, hit Verstappen: “If your sister writes to you that it is now too much and that you have to do something about it, then that is enough.” Yes, that touches me. I will not allow my family to be attacked.”

“You threatened my sister and my mother, my girlfriend, my father. That goes too far for me,” said Verstappen angrily. “People don’t even know the facts of what really happened. It absolutely has to stop. If someone has a problem with me, fine. But leave my family alone! That is really unacceptable.”

The two-time world champion makes no secret of the fact that he is generally not a friend of social media, although unlike Sebastian Vettel, for example, he is officially present on Instagram (9.4 million followers), Twitter (3.1 million) and operates Facebook (2.5 million).

Verstappen: Don’t do social media yourself

But Verstappen says after the recent excitement after the Sao Paulo Grand Prix: “I think social media has more disadvantages than advantages.” And when asked if he can’t just delete his accounts, he reveals: “I don’t take care of social media stuff myself anyway. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

If that’s true, apparently it wasn’t he who recently unfollowed Sergio Perez on Instagram. Everyone could see that the house blessing at Red Bull was very crooked after Brazil. But then there should have been a discussion between eight eyes: Verstappen, Perez, team boss Christian Horner and Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko.

What became clear during the debate

At least it is reported that it was agreed that you do not have to love each other passionately, but that it would be in everyone’s interest to at least help each other. This also applies to any team order per Perez in Abu Dhabi. Verstappen assures: “If I can help in any way, I will.”

“I have absolutely no problem with ‘Checo’,” he emphasizes. “After Brazil we discussed everything. That was very important for us. The result is that we can now go full throttle again. And that we will try to finish first and second in the World Cup.”

Red Bull’s “Omerta” stops: what is it really about?

One thing has not changed on Thursday in Abu Dhabi: both first in the FIA ​​press conference and later in an appointment with Dutch journalists where the Motorsport Network was present, Verstappen stubbornly remained silent about the reason why he refused the team orders in Brazil. Has.

He did not want to reveal that, he made it clear on Thursday evening. So ask: Can you at least tell me if you and Perez now have the same opinion about the ominous incident you’re not talking about? Verstappen nods: “Yes. Ultimately, we are all on the same wavelength.”

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Compared to Abu Dhabi 2021, where Perez fought like a lion for his world title (“Checo is a Legend!”), “Nothing” has changed, Verstappen emphasizes. At least he admits, “Some had to compromise a bit. We didn’t all seem to agree from the start.”

After the internal team discussion, Red Bull admitted on Thursday morning issued an official statement. “In the beginning,” says Verstappen, “there was a lot of adrenaline involved. It was right after the race. But then you let a few days pass, think a lot – also about myself – and come to a conclusion. Hence this statement from U.S.”

Verstappen: “I did nothing wrong”

The statement states, among other things, that the team accepts Verstappen’s position. So a pro-Verstappen statement? “I didn’t do anything wrong either,” the Dutchman marveled at the question. “Everyone thinks I’ve done something wrong. I’ve always articulated what’s going on in my head and why I shouldn’t.”

In retrospect, Verstappen admits, people should have talked about this “much sooner”. Which implies that the incident that caused all the commotion must have been a long time ago. As a reminder, “Monacogate,” if that’s what it was, was on May 28 — almost half a year ago.

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