Günther Jauch is shocked by the information that the editors of RTL have written to him on the introduction card

After skipping the last episode, Günther Jauch was back on Saturday evening November 12 with “Because you don’t know what’s happening”. He receives moderation cards from the production. But the TV professional is very annoyed by this.

Hürth – With “Because you don’t know what’s going to happen” you need improvisational talent! The three established entertainment professionals, Barbara Schöneberger (48), Thomas Gottschalk (72) and Günther Jauch (66), have no idea what will happen to them during the live show. And only at the beginning of the show is it even announced which of the three will moderate the show at all.

Günther Jauch may moderate “Because they don’t know…”.

This time it’s Günther Jauch’s turn to moderate. Thomas Gottschalk is missing and Barbara Schöneberger is allowed to participate in the action and game rounds. But the production doesn’t seem to have too much faith in the 66-year-old and gives him very detailed instructions.

Günther Jauch is angry about his moderation cards.

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Günther Jauch opens the first gold envelope handed to him and is annoyed: “You can really see how stupid you are thought here!”: “Yeah, have we ever downplayed anything on this show?”

That is why Thomas Gottschalk can no longer be seen on RTL

On November 19, “Wetten, dass …?” his long-awaited comeback. Until that date, Thomas Gottschalk is not allowed to moderate in any RTL program. That’s why there had to be a replacement for “Because they don’t know what’s going on”.

Günther Jauch is annoyed by the direction

But it should not stop there. The next envelope puts one on top! “They think my brain is at 80 percent. It says ‘Please read aloud’,” Günther Jauch says shocked. “Long Covid”, replies Oliver Pocher (44), who is a guest on the show. He alludes to the corona disease of the 66-year-old. Last year, the moderator therefore had to suspend three episodes “Because they don’t know what’s going on”.

The RTL production probably wants to make sure everything really runs smoothly! The moderator caused a stir on Saturday night for a completely different reason. Günther Jauch slapped Oliver Pocher in the face on “Because they don’t know what’s happening”! Used sources: tvnow.de, rtl.de

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