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This secret is now being revealed.

An evening full of surprises awaited not only the spectators at “Grill den Henssler” on Sunday evening. Steffen Henssler also had no idea what awaited him.

The reason: he celebrated his 50th birthday and the first episode of the 17th season of the TV show at the same time. Presenter Laura Wontorra (33) left him in the dark: “Today you really don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t know the guests and you don’t know what surprises and games we have planned.”

She always brings a good mood in the studio: TV sunshine Laura Wontorra (here with singer Daniel Wirtz)

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Henssler was all the more enthusiastic when his four cooking opponents entered the studio: moderator Verona Pooth (54), comedian Paul Panzer (50), singer Daniel Wirtz (46) and moderator Jörg Pilawa (57) did not want to spare the birthday child and with the help coach Christian Lohse (55) absolutely wanted to win.

The menus took a closer look at well-known judges Reiner Calmund (73) and Christian Rach (65), as well as a new judge: Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella (45) was there for the first time that evening Mirja Boes (51) was eliminated after last season.

Jana Ina Zarrella celebrated her jury debut

Jana Ina Zarrella celebrated her jury debut

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Jörg Pilawa brought the Zarrellas together

While Pilawa was serving his dish “Tongue with potatoes and chanterelles”, it turned out: The moderator is not entirely innocent of the love between Jana Ina and her husband Giovanni Zarrella (44). Laura Wontorra spoke to Pilawa about a rumor: “There is a fairy tale that Jana Ina Zarrella and Giovanni met on ‘Herzblatt’.” Pilawa corrected: “No, they met on ‘Rekordfieber’. Jana Ina was my assistant and Giovanni performed there.” And Giovanni wasn’t the only one who loved the Brazilian – Pilawa admitted: “We thought they were all terribly hot.”

However, Giovanni and Jana Ina have perfected family happiness: they are now 18 years happy and have two children.

Jörg Pilawa (left) and Steffen Henssler

Jörg Pilawa (left) and Steffen Henssler

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Laura Wontorra congratulated Jörg Pilawa on his side job as Cupid: “Look, you also ensured the personal happiness of the Zarrella family!”

Family visits make Henssler sweat

A short time later, the Henssler family suddenly came into play. There were several dishes on the menu for the dessert round and Steffen grumbled, “It’s my birthday show and we have three things to do from the course I hate the most!”

But Wontorra had taken precautions and provided the TV chef with two surprise guests: his brother Peter, who was eleven years his junior, and his sister Julia. The TV chef continued to be amazed: “Oh shit!” Although Peter is the director of Henssler’s “Ahoi” restaurants, he soon confessed, “I can’t cook.”

Family Ties: Steffen Henssler's sister Julia and brother Peter.  He talked out of the sewing box

Family Ties: Steffen Henssler’s sister Julia and brother Peter. He talked out of the sewing box

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

He preferred to let Wontorra elicit family secrets from him. She wanted to know: “I heard that Steffen used to be relatively shy. Is the story true that you had to approach girls for him back then?”

Peter Henssler reported: “Yes, that’s right. But they were all the ones who had watched before. So that was more collecting than addressing. That was easy then.”

Steffen, meanwhile, noticed that his brother was unpacking a little more than he would have liked and tried to intervene: “What are you telling me again? She’s so curious, she takes advantage of it right away!”

Wontorra didn’t let that stop him and grabbed his brother Peter again: “And then you said, ‘Hello, I’m not that interested, but my brother, who is eleven years older, is.’ In how many cases has this worked? Tell me about a sum.” Steffen Henssler reassured, “One digit.” However, Laura Wontorra was amused and laughed, “One digit in the evening, okay.”

Henssler's prominent cooking opponents (from left): Daniel Wirtz, Jörg Pilawa, Verona Pooth and Paul Panzer

Henssler’s prominent cooking opponents (from left): Daniel Wirtz, Jörg Pilawa, Verona Pooth and Paul Panzer

Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

The TV chef’s score at the end of the birthday night was anything but single digits: Steffen Henssler beat the celebrity round by 99 to 95 points.

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