GotY edition released for 119.99 euros

Far Cry 6 has been re-released as the Game of the Year edition. For a substantial price, players can re-immerse themselves in the Ubisoft adventure.

At the end of last month, a hint surfaced that a Game of the Year edition of Far Cry 6 would be released soon. While Ubisoft’s announcement is still pending, a look at the PlayStation and Xbox stores reveals that there has been a stealth release in the meantime.

Far Cry 6: Game of the Year Edition is now available for purchase and download to your console of choice. The Complete Pack includes the base game, all Season Pass content, all game updates, the Ultimate Pack and the new upcoming Lost Between Worlds expansion.

Almost 120 euros is owed

The prize should not be accepted by many players. In both the PlayStation Store and its Xbox counterpart, the “Far Cry 6: Game of the Year Edition” on offer for 119.99 euros.

A closer look reveals that the “Far Cry 6: Game of the Year Edition” simply replaces the Ultimate Edition of the title previously offered for 119.99 euros has since disappeared from the shops.

In comparison, at Amazon, the “Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition” currently costs on PS5 disc only 38.90 euros. This version also includes the Season Pass, which is available on PlayStation Store would cost 39.99 euros separatelyand take advantage of all previous game updates.

In addition to pricing, the name of the new edition raises questions. As kotaku notes that in the case of “Far Cry 6”, there are not enough awards that would justify a Game of the Year edition.

After all, players who already own “Far Cry 6” only need to purchase the “Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Upgrade Pass”, which includes the Ultimate Pack including the Season Pass and the new “Lost Between Worlds”- extension. Immediately Price of 59.99 euros but the upgrade option isn’t a bargain either.

More news about Ubisoft:

How the series “Far Cry” continues is known. What is certain is that Ubisoft will focus more on “Assassin’s Creed” in the coming years. Several games are in the works, including 2023’s Mirage and the Projects codenamed “Red” and “Hexe”. The joint hub “Infinity” will also be established in the coming years.

More news about Far Cry 6.

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