Google Stadia is responsible for the fact that you will soon have to play as the boss yourself again

Thanks to a helpful keeper, players in Destiny 2 can still get the key checkpoints of all raids and dungeons for free and easily. But that will soon be over. With the approaching end of Google Stadia, this community service is also dying. Now the Destiny community is desperate for solutions.

What will the players have to do without? In the coming months, Destiny 2 loses what is probably the most practical community service, which the streamer “Luckstruck9” offers to all players every week for free.

The guard, also known as the “Checkpoint Guy”, had the bright idea to share with you all the main boss stages of all raids and dungeons and thus became a community hero.

The handy free offer saved many guards from having to play themselves every week in the important core activities until the final boss and thus the best loot. Because not everyone always had the opportunity to get to all the checkpoints. But thanks to Luckstruck9, that option existed.

A player becomes a Community Hero in Destiny 2 by using 11 player accounts simultaneously

Therefore, the service will be stopped: Luckstruck9 has a total of 11 Stadia accounts to offer this unique service. But that’s exactly the biggest problem right now, as Google will officially end its game streaming project Stadia in January 2023, and so far without a replacement. If no replacement can be found, it will be the death knell for the practical free checkpoints in Destiny 2.

Luckstruck9’s boss checkpoints allow Guardians to get their best loot faster.

The community is already looking for solutions: Luckstruck9 has already announced on Twitter that it can offer the free service until January 18, 2023 via its Discord server. But what happens after that is uncertain. Especially since Google Stadia was the best solution, both in terms of power consumption and resources required.

Until then, he wants to find new methods with the help of the community to continue to offer the checkpoint service.

These options are currently available:

  • One suggestion would be the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud. The problem here, however, is that the free version only allows for a one-hour session and the premium version is also limited to six hours.
  • The second option is a high-end PC or server with virtual machines to handle the many game instances. But also be here as the Checkpoint Guy announced, the biggest obstacles to this are the purchase of hardware, installation and high maintenance costs. Players also pointed out that technically this VM option could also lead to a ban from Bungie.
  • The ideal solution, as Luckstruck9 points out, would likely be a collaborative community partnership, with many players keeping the service alive through AFK accounts.

This is how Luckstruck9 explains it via Twitter:

Community-based checkpoints are one of the easiest solutions, provided people become familiar with the system. Currently, people with my Discord bot can use /AddAFKAccount to indicate that they have their account AFK in a checkpoint that people can grab.

writes Luckstruck9 Twitter

And you? Have you already taken advantage of the free offer of Luckstruck9? Or would you rather play yourself as the final boss and not take advantage of such an offer at all? Please let us know what you think about the value of surviving this convenience feature in Destiny 2 and whether you’d support it yourself.

There is currently one more challenge taking place in the “K√∂nigsfall” raid that can give you some extra loot quickly and easily:

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