Goldene Henne 2022: Florian Silbereisen takes GDR stars off the podium

the essence in short

  • SUPERillu and MDR award the Goldene Henne for the 28th time
  • the gala will be broadcast live from Studio 3 of MDR’s Media City in Leipzig
  • Singer Nana Mouskouri receives honorary prize from the jury for her life’s work
  • the prize winners of the evening: Roland Kaiser (“Entertainment”), Sophia (“climber”), Anna-Lena Forster and Francesco Friedrich (“sport”), City (“Music Award of Honor”), volunteer fire brigade Bad Schandau (“heroes of the everyday life”), Michael Patrick Kelly (“Music”)

10:19 PM: And it’s getting serious again: In Germany, 150,000 children are becoming depressed, and the number has risen dramatically during the corona pandemic. “I just want to have fun, just like everyone else around me,” reports one affected girl. The children find it difficult to correctly classify or describe their feelings, says Prof. Ulrich Hegerl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German Depression Aid Foundation. That is why education is extremely important.

10:15 pm: Host Florian Silbereisen welcomes a regular guest at the Goldene Henne: entertainer Dieter Hallervorden.

Michael Patrick Kelly receives the Goldene Henne in the music category

10:10 PM: And of course there is also a musical intermezzo by the brand new hen!

9:59 PM: Andreas Gabalier and Michael Patrick Kelly are now competing for the Goldene Henne in the music category. And the winner’s name is… Michael Patrick Kelly! The award is presented by a good friend of the singer (and also a top musician), Rea Garvey. “You stand for family, for friendship, for faith – you stand for music,” he explains in his laudatory speech.

9:43 PM: The good deeds are not over yet: there is a check for 25,000 euros for material costs for the National Park Friends Saxon Switzerland Association.

9:35 pm: A very different subject – but just as emotional. A clip shows horrific photos from Saxon Switzerland. In August, large parts of the forest burned down – the flames destroyed everything, ate by nature. One of the honorary firefighters: One of the honorary firefighters: Toni from Bad Schandau. As the representative of all fire heroes, he now deserves the applause of the public. “We can’t thank the helpers enough!” announces Silbereisen – and leads the everyday heroes on stage. For Toni and his comrades there is the honorary hen “Heroes of everyday life”. They say thank you modestly. What was he thinking while fighting the flames? “It’ll be fine.” And it was.

9:27 pm: And then there’s an immediate encore – including the hen that just won on the podium.

DDR cult band City receives honorary hen

9:19 PM: Florian Silbereisen recalls the cult band – there seems to be another surprise… Appearance Kim Fisher! The rockers have announced their farewell tour for this year. Of course, the host will not let the gentlemen go without an honorary hen. Frontman Toni Krahl is visibly moved – thanks the fans for their decades-long loyalty.

9:19 PM: Florian Silbereisen whistles back the cult band – there seems to be another surprise.

9:15 pm: The hen wouldn’t be the hen without top music acts – clear the stage for City!

9:08 PM: From the 80s back to Generation Z: Audiences and TV viewers can still vote for the “online stars”. Nominated are: Insecthaus, Luis Bauer, Jasmin “Gnu”, Nadine Breaty as well as Dennis and Benni Wolter.

9:03 PM: Back to the 80s: Alphaville plays their hit for eternity: “Big in Japan”. Today in a very lavish version with the radio orchestra – great cinema!

21:02: “I am completely overwhelmed,” says Anna-Lena Forster. And sports friend Francesco is “infinitely proud”. He thanks his wife, who owns the fortress at home.

8:54 PM: Our German flag bearers Anna-Lena Forster and Francesco Friedrich take the stage. They are surprisingly rewarded with the honorary hen “Sport” – “representative of all Olympic heroes,” says Florian Silbereisen.

8:51 PM: Memories of the Olympics are awakened – now MDR and SUPERillu honor our top athletes.

8:39 PM: Traditionally, newcomers are given the “Climber” category. Three strong women have been nominated. Winner is… musician Sophia! Her first official single “Never Alone” was viewed nearly 12.5 million times on Spotify alone. Her current hit “If you close your eyes” already has 2.8 million streams. Congratulations! Musician Wincent Weiss gave her the second hen of the evening.

8:31 PM: SUPERillu editor-in-chief Stefan Kobus hands the hen over to the Schlager superstar. Host Silbereisen won’t just let him go – Mr. Kaiser still gives his number one single “Everything is okay” for the best.

Roland Kaiser gets the first golden hen of the evening

8:25 PM: Don’t waste your time, let’s start with the first category of hens. Who will win the prize in the “Entertainment” category? The first trophy goes to… Roland Kaiser for his mega concert show “Kaisermania”.

8:25 PM: Don’t waste your time, let’s start with the first category of hens. Who will win the prize in the “Entertainment” category?

8:24 PM: Superstar Robbie Williams did not make it to Leipzig, but sent a few warm greetings.

8:21 PM: Moderator Florian Silbereisen becomes nostalgic: shortly after he was allowed to moderate his first Saturday evening show, he was awarded the Golden Chicken. ouch!

8:20 PM: What an opening! Gregor Meyle rocks with “Let me entertain you”.

8:15 pm: And here we go! Welcome to the Golden Chicken 2022!

8:05 PM: The countdown has begun – in 10 minutes Florian Silbereisen will welcome guests on site in Leipzig and throughout Germany at the MDR.

6.40 pm: One thing is already certain: Nana Mouskouri will receive the honorary prize from the jury. The motivation says: “Nana Mouskouri has been on stage for more than 60 years and inspires young and old with her music”. With hits like “White Roses from Athens”, “La Provence” or “Good Morning, Sunshine”, she has sung her way into people’s hearts for generations. And with more than 300 million records sold, she is the most successful singer of all time after Madonna. Moderator Silbereisen has also known the cult singer for years.

Oct 7 5:36 PM: This year’s largest audience award in Germany will be moderated for the first time by Florian Silbereisen. 23 nominees can hope for a golden hen in the five audience categories “Entertainment”, “Acting”, “Music”, “Sport” and “Climber of the Year”.

These include the film stars Katrin Sass, Sebastian Koch, Nadja Uhl & Fabian Hinrichs, the musicians Leony, Andreas Gabalier, Michael Patrick Kelly, the nine-time German champion Eisbären Berlin, DFB Cup winner RB Leipzig, dressage rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl or young actress Hannah Schiller.

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