Gladbach vs. Cologne: the press conference in the ticker review

It’s derby time! On the 9th match day of the Bundesliga, Gladbach will receive arch-rivals Cologne (October 9 at 3.30 pm). And: After three derby defeats in a row, the foals are looking for revenge.

However, the form curve is currently leaning more towards 1. FC Köln, who are seventh in the standings and beat number two Borussia Dortmund 3-2 last weekend.

Borussia Mönchengladbach, on the other hand, had to accept a 1:5 swatter at Werder Bremen on the last day of play and fell into the table as a result. The ninth place is currently taken by Gladbach.

Will the VfL still manage to win one of the most important matches of the season? Or will the derby win go back to the Domstädter on the fourth attempt?

All information about the explosive duel between foals and goats can be found in our GladbachLIVE ticker!

Gladbach against Cologne: All information about the derby in the ticker

2:02 pm: This concludes the press conference prior to the derby. There are no more questions.

14.00 hours: “Steffen Baumgart is a super guy!” says Farke. He likes that he is a man and you can always see clear handwriting in his teams. He considers himself a very good coach, which is also reflected in his work in recent years. “It doesn’t make it any easier for us to handle this task.” He is looking forward to meeting the FC coach.

1:57 pm: What should Borussia do better compared to other derbies? Farke doesn’t want to look into the past. “We have to play with full commitment and motivation, but also have a good balance and not be overly motivated. We have to be good in content. If we can do that, we have every chance to do well.”

Is there a rule that Gladbach doesn’t sign players from Cologne?

1:56 pm: Does the rule still apply that Gladbach would not attract players from Cologne? Virkus praises the FC players. You always have to decide on a case by case basis, the quality of the players is crucial. Yet he knows the importance of such a change and thinks about it.

1:53 PM: Farke knows that the game can only be won with emotions. It also takes a good tactical and footballing performance to win the derby. “Our fans want us to win games in our own way with our Borussia DNA. With a warm heart and a cool head.”

13:52: Did the good performance at Chris Kramer increase the chance of contract extension? Virkus says that regardless of performance, every player has a chance at a contract extension. “Of course we are dealing with Kramer.”

13:49: What is the status of long-term injury? “Everything is going according to plan,” Farke says. Neuhaus and Itakura’s rehabilitation is going well and Wolf’s follow-up treatment is also going according to plan. The Austrian is currently still in his home country, but will soon continue to demonstrate the rehab facility in Borussia Park.” Our focus is on getting the boys fit again. However, it is too early to judge when they will be fit again.” All three will probably only be available during the winter break.

1:47 PM: Is Farke worried that the mood could change after the defeat in Bremen and a possible derby bankruptcy? “No,” he says. He is far from panicked. Defeats don’t change the fact that the Foals got off to a good start to the season and the fans could see that.

1:45 PM: How important is it that the derby remains calm despite all the explosiveness? Manager Virkus says: “Violence has no place in football. We should fight each other on the field, but not off the field.” He hopes the game will go well.

1:44 PM: The quarantine allowed him to work even more accurately, prepare for Cologne and watch matches of “Effzeh”. Meanwhile, the team trained well in his absence.

1:43 PM: Farke was in constant contact with his coaching staff and the squad during his seclusion. The content of the training sessions had been agreed, but according to Farke it was no problem at all to leave the training to his assistant trainers. “The concrete preparation of opponents only starts two days before the game, so it’s good that I’m back now.”

13:40: “Steffen is doing a great job in Cologne and the team is hard to beat,” said Farke. “We know that Cologne plays with a lot of intensity, willingness to run and fighting spirit. Steffen is an example for the team. We know that a good opponent is waiting for us. But if it was easy it would be boring.” The Borussia coach believes in a close game, which his team will play respectfully.

1:38 PM: How are the staff? Long-term injuries Itakura, Wolf and Neuhaus miss the derby, but Itakura makes progress in rehab. Borges Sanches is back in full training after his interim absence, as is Alassane Plea. Both are a problem for Sunday. “In terms of staff, things are looking pretty good at the moment,” says Farke.

13:37: Farke is looking forward to the match, the emotional atmosphere and a match at eye level. “There are no favorites in the derby because both teams are focused in this game.”

1:35 PM: The topic of making good after three derby defeats is raised: “We already know we have the potential to make it up, but that doesn’t affect our preparation,” says Farke. The coach hopes to give the fans a positive result.

13:34: Farke knows the importance and explosiveness of the derby. “We are really looking forward to this match.”

1:32 pm: Farke is asked how he is doing. “It’s always nice to be here,” says the 45-year-old. The first two days he had symptoms, since Monday afternoon it has been increasing every hour. The rapid tests have also been negative since Wednesday. “Since Wednesday I have been feeling very well with no symptoms. Now we are looking forward to the derby.”

1.30 pm: Here we go! Everyone involved has taken their seats, the PK starts in Borussia Park.

1:07 PM: The seats in the Borussia-Park press room are still empty, but the Foals’ pre-derby press conference starts here at 1.30pm. The most important statements are then here!

12:24 PM: Now it is also clear that coach Daniel Farke will be present at the press conference at 1.30 pm. The 45-year-old led the training of the Fohlenelf on Friday.

11:01 am: Borussia have announced the press conference ahead of the ninth Bundesliga matchday for next Friday (October 7). It should start at 1.30pm in Borussia Park. The most important statements are then available here in the GladbachLIVE ticker. Coach Daniel Farke should be able to answer questions from media representatives via a video link.

10:41 am: Gladbach coach Daniel Farke has tested positive for the corona virus and was therefore absent from midweek training sessions at Borussia Park.

10:17 am: Gladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer said to Cologne before the Rhineland classic on Sunday: “The inhabitants of Cologne are incredibly active in their game, they invest a lot. They also have a lot of quality up front. When they have the ball, they switch quickly. They have played many good scenes in the past games and they have been very successful. They will certainly come with a lot of confidence, but we will also wait for them with confidence.”

Thursday October 6

11:27 am: Alex Schlueter is the moderator, the commentator is Jan Platte. Sebastian Kneißl is there as an expert, Tom Kirsten is at the start as a reporter.

10:55 AM: If that’s too expensive for you, you can watch the match on TV. The streaming service “DAZN” will broadcast live from Borussia Park from 2:45 pm.

10.03 am: Tickets for the explosive duel are only available in the VIP area. Day tickets here cost between 328 and 387 euros.

09:14 am: Lately, however, the curve has tilted more and more in favor of the buck, all of whom have won the past three consecutive derbies.

8:33 am: Borussia and 1. FC Köln will meet for the 95th time on Sunday. The balance clearly speaks for the foals, who won 51 duels. The “Effzeh” won only 27 times. There were also 16 draws.

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