Gladbach Ultras Faked Cologne Fanzine – Anti-Semitism Documented

Anti-Semitic blunders documented
Gladbach ultras fake stadium booklet from their rivals in Cologne

At the Derby in Gladbach, the fans of Cologne seemed to have only an edition of the fanzine “Kallendresser” in their hands. Gladbach Ultras had forged the stadium booklet to document anti-Semitic derailments from Cologne circles. In their own fanzine, Borussia also commented on how right-wing tendencies are dealt with in their ranks.

What is called “recorder” in Mönchengladbach is called “Kallendresser Kompakt” in Cologne: a small book, called a fanzine, that provides information about events and developments in the ultra scene. In both venues, it usually only appears at home games, which is why many 1. FC Köln fans must have been surprised to find a hundred copies of an alleged away edition of “Kallendresser” in the guest block of Borussia Park at Sunday’s derby at Sunday’s derby. . Normally the group “Coloniacs” is responsible for the “Kallendresser”.

At the latest on the 24th and last page, on which a winking smiley can be found, it should be clear to every reader that something is wrong. As our editors found out, Gladbacher Ultras created a fake version of “Kallendresser” and put hundreds of songs into the guest block. In this case, the “Coloniacs” have nothing to do with creation or the blunders documented in them.

The issue, available to our editors, reveals anti-Semitic statements allegedly made by members of the former Cologne ultragroup “Boyz” in Telegram chat groups. The “Boyz” were accused of right-wing radicalism in the past, but disbanded in April 2018 after Gladbach Ultras stole their fence flag during a match in Sinsheim. At Sunday’s derby, it was shown and destroyed in the northern stands of Borussia Park, but Cologne fans in the guest block were not visibly or audibly provoked.

According to our editors, the content of the fake fanzine came from a stolen cell phone. Most show how the friendship of some Gladbach and Schalke ultras is commented on in the mentioned chat groups. Screenshots show a Nazi salute from a Cologne resident next to a Schalke sticker, a photo of Ultras from Gladbach and Gelsenkirchen with an oven from the Auschwitz concentration camp in the background, and a logo depicting the Ultra friendship between Gladbachers and Schalkern being the Called “Alliance Yellow Star”.

The group “Rascals”, including former “Boyz” members, presented a banner in August in the southern corner of Cologne with the following content: “GE+MG: When the blue-and-white rose sits at the table with the HJ.” In the past, there have always been right-wing extremist accusations against parts of the Gladbach ultra scene. The creators of the “Kallendresser” imitation (i.e. representatives of the Gladbach Ultras) themselves comment on this, writing: “This had (in principle rightly) the background that it was around Mönchengladbach, especially in connection with their friendship with Timisoara ( in Romania, Editor’s Note), there have been incidents that must be unequivocally condemned politically.” For example, a few years ago, photos with the Nazi salute or a flag with the banned SS skull and crossbones were presented at a meeting in Romania.

In their own fanzine, the “Blockflöte”, the Gladbach Ultras deal explicitly with these incidents. “Politics in football is a topic that you can discuss for hours,” it reads. “What you can’t discuss, but what’s just a fact, is that we don’t feel like doing Nazi shit here.” At the time, the entire song was “updated accordingly” internally.

There has been no public reaction from the “Coloniacs”, who are not affiliated with the anti-Semitic content and who themselves emphasize their anti-racist stance, to the actions of their Gladbach rivals. But maybe it’s already in the next (real) issue of your own fanzine.

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