Gladbach only ones and twos! The Borussia Notes at the Derby

On Sunday (9 October 2022), Borussia Mönchengladbach won the derby against 1. FC Köln 5-2. The photo shows Gladbach’s Marvin Friedrich making the 1-0 post-goal while celebrating the goal.

Borussia Mönchengladbach won the Bundesliga derby 5-2 against 1. FC Köln on Sunday (9 October 2022). The figures and individual criticism of our editors on the actions of the Fohlenelf.

Gladbach vs. Cologne: the Borussia professionals in the individual assessment

Yan Summers: Wasn’t lucky with Kainz’s penalty otherwise he would have little to do in the first round. In the second half, a shot from Maina was eliminated. Also had bad luck when Cologne scored 4:2. Rank: 2

Joe Scally: Showed a marked improvement in the performance against Cologne compared to the Bremen game, allowing very little on his side and Thuram served in the 53rd minute with a top cross, which the Frenchman was unable to convert. Rank: 2

From the 82nd minute Stefan Lainer: Things didn’t look good when Huseinbasic scored 4-2. Note: no rating

Marvin Friedrich: Put the Fohlen ahead in the 27th minute after a corner kick by Hofmann with a return. Kept closed in the back of the shop and performed sovereignly. Note 1

Nico Elvedic: Eliminated a corner for Tigges after 15 minutes and prevented worse. Unfortunately, the ball extended into the 4:2 goal and overall remained somewhat more unobtrusive than goalscorer Friedrich. Figure: 2

Ramy Bensebaini: After a foul by Kainz on Hofmann, he scored a brutal penalty to make it 2-1. Was the awkward opponent you know again, for the “Effzeh”. Completed his strong performance in the 76th minute with the goal of making it 4:1. Note 1

From the 82nd minute Luca Netz: Had to run again in the last minutes. Note: no rating

Julian Weigl: In the first round kept the middle as tight as possible, won many duels and the balls distributed. Repeated his good performance in the second round and also secured a lot from behind. Note 1

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Manu Kone: Compared to the game in Bremen, it seemed more focused and enthusiastic and mostly had good attacks every time. Rank: 2

Christopher Kramer: Hübers was kicked right at the start and had to be treated, but was able to continue. After that played sovereign, but remained a bit less conspicuous than in previous performances. Rank: 2

From 78 minutes: Yvandro Borges Sanches: Had to sniff a few more minutes of Bundesliga air towards the end of the game. Figure: Unrated

Jonas Hofmann: He took his corner in the 27th minute right on Friedrich, who made it 1-0, shortly afterwards he caused a penalty due to a foul by Kainz, who used Cologne to equalize. An elbow bump from Kainz eventually made it 2-1. In the second round, he managed another template for the 4:1. Note 1

From the 82nd minute Patrick Herrmann: Came into play towards the end when the game was already decided. Note: no rating

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Lars Stindle: Very strong performance from the “Capitanos”! Worked a lot backwards and saw a yellow card after seven minutes for a foul on Köln’s Schmitz. Showed a very competitive performance, brought a lot of mentality on the field and gave the Foals a 3-1 lead after the break with a dream goal of more than 20 meters. Note 1

From 51 minutes Alassane Plea: Made his comeback after a long injury break. Fitted well with the foals, but was quite pale at first. But in the 75th minute, Bensebaini helped make it 4-1. He also provided the assist for Thuram’s 5-2 goal. Rank: 2

Marcus Thuram: Had the first better chance on foot but was prevented by Hübers from finishing it perfectly. Actually made a good game and was always a source of trouble, but got too many good chances especially in the second half, which he missed. In the end he was rewarded for his good performance. Note 1

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