Gladbach: After the game was stopped at U23! Aachen finds cup pitchers

The regional league match between Borussia Mönchengladbach II and Alemannia Aachen at the Aachen Tivoli was canceled on Sunday (9 October 2022). The photo was taken on May 29, 2015.

The match in the Regionalliga West between Alemannia Aachen and the second team of Borussia Mönchengladbach was canceled shortly before the end on Sunday (9 October 2022).

According to Alemannia, a cup had already been thrown from the stands. As the “Aachener Zeitung” reports, the game’s linesman would have hit the back of the head.

Aachen presses the scales, because a cup flies

As the “Kicker” reported, a controversial situation had occurred in Gladbach’s penalty area before the action, with the referee not deciding on a penalty for Aachen.

As a result, a visitor in the stands has apparently blown the fuses. An object would have flown in the direction of linesman Felix Weller.

The object hit the assistant in the back of the head. Referee Jörn Schäfer from Iserlohn immediately stopped the match. At the time of the demolition in the 88th minute, Gladbach was leading 1-0 in front of 6,900 spectators.

Just a day later, the hosts of Alemannia Aachen were stunned by the events. According to the association, the perpetrator has already been identified.

In an official statement including apologies on Monday (October 10), the regional competition team made it clear: “There is no way to tolerate the throwing of cups and objects. Everyone is allowed to get angry and show emotions in the stadium, but throwing objects and other violent actions are not included.”

As the club further announced, the perpetrator could be caught from the family bloc “by quick intervention by the security service”. The club now reserves the right to ban the person concerned from the stadium and to investigate further measures, such as claims for damages.

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After all, in addition to a defeat at the green table, the Aachen probably also risk a “serious punishment that causes financial damage to the club”.

“In addition to the significant financial damage, the club’s reputation in and outside Aachen will be greatly damaged,” said the Aachen residents, who said in their statement they were “sad and stunned”.

Because, according to Alemannia: “We ensure that thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to Tivoli every weekend, large companies are interested in sponsoring Alemannia and there is an optimistic mood in the city and the region. Individual chaotic people manage to trample this communal path, which aims to advance to professional football, and torpedo every tarry plant that grows.

Abandoned matches in the Regionalliga West are not uncommon

The demolition in Aachen was certainly not the first game of the current season in the Regionalliga West. The match between Schalke II and Preußen Münster was ended prematurely last week due to a thunderstorm.

There was also a demolition on the 4th match day. During the match between 1. FC Köln II and Rot-Weiß Oberhausen on August 12, 2022, there was a field storm, which resulted in the game being stopped in the 88th minute. The association sentenced Cologne to a fine of 7,500 euros, of which 2,500 euros conditionally. Oberhausen had to pay 250 euros.


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