Get these deals now on the Xbox Store

There are many cheap Xbox Series and Xbox One games available on the Xbox Store right now, some for less than $5.

Hundreds of Xbox Series and Xbox One games are currently offered on the Xbox Store or the Microsoft Store. We presented many of the big highlights in a separate article a few days ago, this time we’ve selected some particularly cheap bargains that you can get for less than €5.

Among them are some big but older titles like the Tomb Raider reboot in the upgraded Definitive Edition equipped with all DLCs, as well as interesting indie insider tips like the world war adventure 11-11 Memories Retold or the creative mix of Pinball and Jump&Run called Yoku’s Island Express. . The Yakuza games are also highly recommended for anyone interested in exciting gangster stories and Japanese pop culture. Here are our tips:

  • Tomb Raider Definitive Edition instead of €19.99 for €2.99
  • Titanfall 2 instead of €19.99 for €3.99
  • Little nightmares instead of €19.99 for €4.99
  • Panzer Dragoon Remake instead of €24.99 for €2.49
  • Yakuza 0 instead of €19.99 for €4.99
  • Yakuza Kiwami instead of €19.99 for €4.99
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2 instead of €19.99 for €4.99
  • Fallout 4 instead of €19.99 for €4.99
  • Ash of Gods Redemption instead of €19.99 for €1.99
  • 11-11 Memories retold instead of €24.98 for €3.74
  • Kona instead of €14.99 for €2.99
  • Homefront: The Revolution instead of €19.99 for €1.99
  • Yoku’s Island Express instead of €19.99 for €4.99

The offers run until at least Tuesday morning, a few deals like Fallout 4 a little longer. An overview of all currently discounted games for Xbox Series and Xbox One in the Microsoft Store can be found here:

Xbox Store: Hundreds of Xbox Series and Xbox One games for sale

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for €1

Many of the games you currently get cheaper on the Xbox Store are also part of Xbox Game Pass or EA Play. It is true that the games mentioned above are so cheap that it is not necessarily worth taking out a subscription especially for them. However, you get the first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including EA Play and even Xbox Live Gold, for just one euro. If you only want to play the games in question for a short time anyway, you might be better off here.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1st month for €1

However, remember that the subscription will automatically renew at the regular price of €12.99 per month if you do not cancel in time before the end of the trial period or deactivate the automatic renewal in your account.

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