From bomber jackets to maxi skirts to bright colors

  • Which major fashion shows are there?
  • The latest trends for fall and winter 2022/23

On the big one fashion shows this world will be new collections presented and according to this fashion, most of the major fashion houses and the fashion trends. The biggest fashion shows in the world are: New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Shows, Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Many stars and influential personalities visit these fashion shows and get inspired by the new styles. We’ll show you which trends these are here.

1# Trend: loud bright colors

Sad was yesterday. It will be colorful this winter. You can also combine basics in autumnal tones with a radiant eye-catcher or color your entire look. Whether clear or soft and delicate. This way you will be in a good mood even on gloomy days and shine in new splendour. Because the idea is that you simply extend the summer feeling.

2# trend: tank tops

Tank tops simply accompany us through autumn and winter and are also easy to combine – whether with trousers, skirts or under jackets when it gets colder. And it doesn’t just have to stick to the white tank top, you can also bring a little color into play.

3# trend: maxi skirts and maxi dresses

Long, longer, max. We usually wear the trendy clothes over the ankles; with some parts even longer. Whether for a business look or casual – this trend accompanies us all winter. Also returning: the pleated skirt. Combine with flat shoes for a casual look or with high heels for an evening dress. Long robes and maxi dresses are also popular. Please again with color.

4# trend: trench coat

The trench coat remains the classic among trends. It was invented in the late 19th century by the fashion designers Burberry and Aquascutum London and has been worn by many well-known personalities over the years. No wonder – it always looks chic and can be worn with almost anything. Originally intended as a weatherproof jacket for the military, it has found its way into fashion houses and onto the big screen. He became known, among others, for stars such as Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca or for Audrey Hepburn, who entertains us every year on New Year’s Eve in the recurring film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

5# trend: bomber jackets

Yes, the good old bomber jackets have made their way back to the runways. Bomber jackets were used by the US military until the 1980s and were known as “pilot jackets”. Often they were popular in different movements, but they have been at home in the mainstream for a while now. Formerly made of nylon, there are now also blousons made of different fabrics similar to the model and also known as bomber jackets.

6# trend: cowboy boots

The western fans among you should not be missing either, because western boots, also known as cowboy boots, are very popular again. They got their name because they were and still are worn by cowboys. They go perfectly with jeans, but they can also be seen under skirts and dresses and stand out in a cool way.

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