Free instead of 1.49 euros: this game brings the Warcraft feeling to the mobile phone


The Android game “Cartoon Craft” is currently available for free on the Google Play Store. Warcraft fans in particular will get their money’s worth in the game.

The mobile game “Carton Craft” is currently being given away. (Source: StudioNAP)

  • The mobile game “Cartoon Craft” is temporarily available for free on the Google Play Store.
  • The mobile game normally costs 1.49 euros.
  • Especially for fans of the first Warcraft part, the Android app is worth checking out.

Every day you can download free paid apps and mobile games from the Google Play Store. Grabbing it will give you free premium software on your mobile phone and also help the applications climb the download lists.

Bee google play Free instead of 1.49 euros*


Among other things, the mobile game “Cartoon Craft” from “Studio NAP” is currently available for free instead of the normal price of 1.49 euros. The game is about humans and orcs who are at war with each other. In addition, a mysterious plague is raging in the world of two peoples.

Affects both humans and monsters. However, the disease does not stop the two factions from bashing each other’s heads. This happens in real-time strategy battles. In this you take control of your troops and lead them against the enemy. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the first Warcraft part “Orcs and Humans” – just on the mobile phone.

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At the start of a battle, you first fortify your troops in suitable buildings. In order to build them, you must first obtain the necessary resources. To get this, you can also use your fighters as lumberjacks or miners.

If you have enough wood and gold, you can build buildings like farms or barracks. You always have to work strategically and according to the current situation. So the job of farms is to provide more soldiers, who are then trained in barracks as swordsmen or archers.

Is it worth downloading?

“Cartoon Craft” offers a simple yet charming look. As the name of the game suggests, everything has a cartoon look. It’s simple, but I still like it. One problem, however, is that the scenarios are too monotonous – although it’s difficult to speak of scenarios, the game mainly puts you in a forest.


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Android apps are currently available for free

Android apps are currently available for free

Still, hobby strategists and fans of the first Warcraft game will definitely get their money’s worth with “Cartoon Craft”. However, it’s a little disturbing that the troops sometimes act a little silly when they’re making their way around.

Note, however, that there is an in-game store. Content can be purchased here with real money. Many of them can also be unlocked in the campaign. However, there are also powerful heroes that can give you an unfair advantage in the PVP portion of the game.

“Cartoon Craft” has more than 1,000,000 downloads and about 70,000 reviews on Google Play. It gets an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars as per its current status. By the way, if you strike during the free campaign, you can always download the mobile game for free, even if it is available again at the normal price.

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