Franz Beckenbauer: “I can’t see anything anymore” – “Kaiser” goes blind in one eye

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“I can’t see anything anymore” – Franz Beckenbauer goes blind in one eye

Franz Beckenbauer: “People probably think he never lives long.  But I'll try to stay with you for a while.

“Try to stay”: Franz Beckenbauer was back in the stadium in August

Source: dpa/Tom Weller

Franz Beckenbauer has withdrawn from the public eye. Also because the 77-year-old is in poor health. In an interview, the football world champion of 1974 and 1990 now comments on his physical condition.

DIt was common knowledge that his health was deteriorating. Franz Beckenbauer has been avoiding public appearances for years, not only because of the personal accusations and suspicions in the course of the award of the 2006 World Cup.

In that respect, it is not surprising that the 77-year-old, who became world champion in Munich in 1974 and as team boss in Rome in 1990, is not traveling to Qatar for the current World Cup. As Beckenbauer revealed to “Bunte” magazine, he will forego the trip to the desert “for health reasons”. He supports the DFB team of national coach Hansi Flick, “but I am not going to Qatar. I will keep my fingers crossed for our team in front of the television,” said Beckenbauer.

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In the interview, he also talked about his health problems, which currently affect his eyesight in particular: “I had a so-called infarction in one eye. Unfortunately I don’t see anything on the right. I can handle that. And I have to be careful with my heart.”

A remarkable amount of fan mail for Beckenbauer

But he rarely watches football live and on the spot. He prefers to follow the developments of his Franz Beckenbauer Foundation, which has already raised 30 million euros in donations. He recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the organization helping those in need. “My wife Heidi has been on my board for a while now,” said Beckenbauer, “a foundation has been laid for eternity. It’s a good feeling to know that things are going on even when you’re gone. “

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The former Bayern professional and coach is currently receiving a remarkable amount of signature mail, which he is happy to answer. He also reflected on the reasons for the increased interest. “People probably think he never lives long. But I’ll try to stay with you for a while,” Beckenbauer said.

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