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When Sebastian Vettel (35) wakes up on Monday morning, he is an astronaut. He’s in a rocket. And wait, wait, wait. He’s waiting for the boost. He picks up. He flies. He doesn’t know the route. He only knows: I leave my (Formula 1) world and fly. down the rabbit hole.

Nothing is known about his mission. The four-time world champion does not know where he will end up: “I have no concrete plans. I will not just sit on the bench. I will find something to do.” It will orient itself and find a new job Now it wants to take off first.

Get out of the world where he is constantly accused of double standards. Between the environment and a 1000 horsepower runabout. Between bees and petrol.

Sebastian Vettel is a self-proclaimed green man. Will he become climate glue after his career? Activists from the group “Last Generation” had repeatedly blocked German highway exits and street crossings in recent weeks. They advocate more measures to combat climate change, such as a speed limit on highways and cheap local transport.

Do you see Vettel next to you in the future? Probably not. Environmentalists don’t quite see the Formula 1 driver as one of them. Because: he hangs on the asphalt, loves speed. But he probably wouldn’t stick to it.

His racing team is officially called the “Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team” since February. Aramco is the largest oil company in the world. And in the paddock? There it is whispered that Vettel, with his constant criticism of the sport, betrays the racing series that made him famous and above all rich (estimated fortune 350 million euros).

A condition that could be compensated by success. But the James Bond team – like Vettel – falls short of expectations. The mood is bad, the employees are scared. The personnel is constantly exchanged. His team never settled down. Owner and fashion billionaire (Hilfiger) Lawrence Stroll wanted to buy the success. good engineers. smart minds. Smart technicians.

But you can’t buy team spirit. No camaraderie. This is exactly the soul food Sebastian Vettel needs. (That was also the case with his role model Schumi). He had this certainty, a kind of “we are family” at Red Bull. Not to this extent at Ferrari. And on his last team, only his equipment matched his line-up… That certainly made his decision a little bit easier.

So astronaut Sebastian Vettel completely detached from (motorsport) earth…?

No one really believes in that right now. He certainly isn’t either. Looking back is too tempting. The gas is still thumping too hard through your veins. Only chickens instead of braking points? Just bees instead of 5G curves? Just homework instead of downforce? At first for sure. But then… when the new season starts… will he watch the first race? Father Norbert Vettel is sceptical. “I don’t know how he reacts. He probably doesn’t know either. He’s like me. A new life begins for me, just like for him. I’ve watched every practice, every qualifying, every race. I suffered along. Happy with me It doesn’t matter at three in the morning or at ten at night, I was always in front of the television.”

Nobody around him believes that Sebastian Vettel will finally turn off the engine 32 years after his first go-kart ride. The bets are already open. For example between him and his sponsor Gerhard Noack (70). He says: “I can’t imagine Sebastian doing without motorsport completely. Of course, his area of ​​interest is broader now, but I think he will return to motorsport in a few years. In whatever capacity. The boy has petrol in his blood.”

In a survey from Formula 1, which could most likely be the team boss of the current drivers, several drivers said as fast as they normally race their car over the tarmac: “Vettel”. Even his father, who knows him better than anyone else, shrugs: “I’m excited. Hopefully there won’t be a relapse…”

In the familiar small circle, the four-time champion speaks about sports politics. He’s got the brains. Ambition too. He cares a lot about the environment. He has already moved many with his actions and statements. Unforgettable are the photos of how he collected plastic bottles in the stands after the race at Silverstone. Even the disposable plastic Americans had no plastic anywhere during the Miami race. Thanks Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel can be proud. underway. to his successes. For its straightforwardness. To his transformation. We all see the always smiling honey cake villain face in Red Bull times. We see the desperate and disgruntled title-seeking face at Ferrari. And we finally see his often thoughtful expression. His hair seemed to grow with his unsettling thoughts about the future of this planet. They must be wild thoughts.

And it will be an unsettling farewell to his old world.

But then his family is waiting for him. The old, renovated mill. With solar energy on the roof. Without air conditioning. The virtual spacesuit. The silence. the booster. The flight into the unknown. But never out of control. He knows: there is a lot to do on the new track. He will find her. His Houston is his family. And I always will be.

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