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Because Hulkenberg signs with Haas |

Mick for Formula 1 Aus!

Bitter news for German Formula 1 fans!

In addition to Sebastian Vettel (35), Mick Schumacher (23) will no longer be in one of the 20 cockpits in the premier class of motorsport next season. The German had been hoping for a new contract for 2023 for months – in vain!

Over the weekend, Haas boss G√ľnther Steiner (57) revealed that his team, which was the last race team to have a fixed seat available for the coming year, had already selected a driver. Speaking about the announcement of the co-pilot alongside Kevin Magnussen (30), the South Tyrolean said: “We just need to clarify the details of how we are going to do what we are going to do.”

Good for the German fans: Despite the double exit of Mick and Vettel, there will be a German driver in Formula 1 next year! According to information from BILD, Nico Hulkenberg (35) is about to come back from Raser retirement. The driver, who lives in Monaco, is expected to sign his new work papers on Tuesday – if everything goes normally. Everything will be made official in the coming days.

At Haas, the internal decision was made to change drivers, among other things, because Mick developed too slowly and was too expensive. This season alone, Schumi Jr. has suffered damage of more than three million euros.

But: Mick was also the driving force of the media. Numerous sponsors have signed up to the American team thanks to him. It is unclear whether they will remain loyal to Haas next season (without Mick). Some donors are already inclined to leave the racing team. Financially, Steiner & Co. afford it now. Just three weeks ago, it was officially announced that “Moneygram”, an American fintech company, could be brought in as the new title sponsor.

And Mike? His future is currently open. But the biggest lead leads to Mercedes. Although both cockpits are already occupied by world star Lewis Hamilton (37) and George Russell (24) of the German racing team, the team is still looking for a reserve driver. Team boss and co-owner Toto Wolff (50) when asked about the Brazilian race: “I make no secret of the fact that the Schumacher family is from Mercedes and that we appreciate Mick very much.”

It seems that Mick is only halfway through Formula 1. And: There is still a minimal chance of a head office! Williams has already chosen Logan Sargeant (21) to succeed Nicholas Latifi (27) – but the young driver still lacks the driver’s license, aka Formula 1 driver’s license. That the American will finally meet all the requirements in the coming weeks is more of a formality.

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