Formula 1 live ticker: investigation against Max Verstappen!

9:35 a.m.

Marko: Only with the stewards…

And Helmut Marko also commented on the scene on ‘Sky’, explaining: “The warm-up [der Reifen] is very important. This is different for every vehicle. And Norris passed Max. That disappointed him a little bit.”

“It wasn’t dangerous at all,” he clarifies and smiles that they are “more with the stewards” than anywhere else. Because even recently in Singapore, Red Bull already had trouble with the race commissioners because of Sergio Perez.

Marko insists it was just a “misunderstanding” this time. When asked if he expects a penalty, he explains: “I can’t imagine it. But maybe a warning or something…”

09:28 o’clock

Norris expects punishment against Verstappen

Unsurprisingly, the Brit sees things differently. At ‘Sky’ he says that he “definitely” expects a penalty for Verstappen. “You can’t do what he did,” he clarifies.

Conversely, Norris emphasizes that there is “no rule” that prohibits him from overtaking in the last sector. Drivers would always do that. We are curious how the stewards judge the same.

At 10:00 the two have to go to the race management – so only after Top-3-PK and Co.

9:22 am

Horner: Norris should not have overtaken

The Red Bull team principal explains to ‘Sky’ that there is actually a “gentleman’s agreement” not to overtake in this section of the track during a warm-up lap. “They were both on an outlap,” he recalls.

“He just warmed up his tires,” he says of Verstappen, stressing that he didn’t expect Norris to suddenly hit the gas. He must have tried something different when warming up his own tires.

He probably doesn’t expect a penalty either.

9:16 am

Leclerc: Eventually the tires ran out

In the end he missed only a hundredth of a second. “A lap here is very difficult because if you’re fast in the first sector, you lose in the last sector,” he explains, saying he was trying to have the “balance”.

“But lost in the last sector [ich] the tires and therefore some time,” said Leclerc, who was previously on track for the best time. Regarding the race, he recalled that there could be “some rain”.

“So the race should be fun,” he announces. We hope too!

9:01 am

Q3: Verstappen on pole!

At least for now. The world champion is ultimately 0.010 seconds faster than Leclerc! Behind them are Sainz and Perez, Ocon is “Best of the Rest” ahead of Hamilton, Alonso and Russell. Vettel is ninth ahead of Norris.

Here in the ticker we continue with the votes for the qualification – and of course the investigation against Verstappen! But first here’s the overview:



starting position

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8:57 am

Q3: Investigation against Verstappen

The Dutchman is in trouble because his outlap almost crashed with Norris. The stewards are looking at that again. So if he gets pole it would only be conditional!

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

8:54 am

Q3: Verstappen advantage

First of all no surprise: Verstappen drives 1:29.304 and is ahead of Leclerc, Sainz and Perez. Alonso is “Best of the Rest” in fifth place – even ahead of the two Mercedes drivers!

Of course, everything could change in the last few runs.

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

8:49 am

Question 3: Now it counts!

Overdrive is over for the top drivers, now it’s pole! There are twelve minutes on the clock, so there will again be two runs per driver. Verstappen is the favourite. But what else does Ferrari have in store here?

Recall all current information in the session live ticker!

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