Formula 1 live ticker: Announcement only on Monday!

5:14 p.m.

No decision today

The FIA ​​has just announced that there will be NO decision today. A result of the assessment will not be available until next Monday. Here is the wording of the FIA ​​statement:

“The FIA ​​has announced that the finalization of the analysis of the 2021 financial submissions from the Formula 1 teams and the subsequent release of Certificates of Compliance with the Financial Regulation will not take place on Wednesday 5 October.”

“The analysis of financial submissions is a long and complex process that is underway and will be completed to allow for the release of the certificates on Monday, October 10.

“The Financial Regulation has been unanimously approved by all Competitors, who have cooperated positively with the FIA ​​Cost Cap Administration under the Financial Regulation during this first year.”

“As previously communicated, there has been significant and unsubstantiated speculation and suspicion regarding this matter, and the FIA ​​reiterates that until it is finalized, no further information will be provided.”

“The FIA ​​also reiterates that any suggestion that FIA personnel released sensitive information is equally unfounded.”

5:19 PM

Stop time!

A disappointing end to this long day. Our ticker is finally closing, tomorrow we will continue with a regular edition of the media day in Japan, then Ruben Zimmermann welcomes you here as usual.

Have a nice evening and see you then!

4:09 PM

Nothing new in the West…

Or rather, the FIA. We are still waiting for an update, but we just wanted to make it clear that we are not in bed yet 😉 What you should not forget: It is in Japan, where the team and, for example, many journalist colleagues are already staying after 23:00 .

With us, however, the clocks are still ticking according to European time, at least today. So if anything else happens, you will of course hear from us on the portal!

2:27 pm

And therefore …

… regular ticker coverage ends this Wednesday.

But: we don’t close this ticker. So if something happens at the FIA ​​World Federation, and we’re still assuming it will happen, then of course you’ll find out more about it here in the ticker. So come and have a look every now and then, so you don’t miss anything!

2:06 pm

What the drivers of Suzuka . find

Today is the Formula 1 press release. Yes, we are waiting for the FIA ​​to give us an update on the budget cap, but the teams are flooding our inboxes today with their traditional event previews. They are not, let’s put it nicely, very substantial because they were probably prescribed weeks or months ago. And they usually start with a variation of the phrase “Suzuka is a great song.” So what we take from it: The drivers seem to like the trail.

13:37 o’clock

Reader question: Only one DRS zone in Suzuka?

Our reader Bettina posted a question on Twitter with the hashtag #FragMST, which I want to include in the ticker here. So: why only one DRS zone in Suzuka?

The short answer is: because there used to be only one zone, around 2019. And then Lewis Hamilton said: a second is needed! Like Bettina now, he brought the straight between the Spoon corner and the 130R into play.

In 2018, however, then Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting stated that a different DRS zone in Suzuka was “unreasonable” as otherwise the drivers would have had to drive through the 130R courage curve with the rear wing open. In this case, however, the risk would be too great, Whiting said.

There have been several serious accidents in the 130R corner because the vehicles are driving at high speeds there. For example, in 2002 Toyota driver Allan McNish flew off during qualifying at Suzuka, dismantled his car and, with a bit of luck, escaped unscathed.

13:24 hours

Circuit changes in Suzuka

A lot has happened on the Japanese circuit since Formula 1 last visited Suzuka in the 2019 season. The World Association reports, among other things, new asphalt in turn 8 (“Degner”). There is now a double curb at the exit of the corner instead of just one row.

In addition, in turn 10, in the right-hand turn before the hairpin, the gravel bed on the left side of the track has been widened slightly and at turn 16 the artificial grass has been removed in favor of an asphalt run-off zone.

Work was also done in the pit lane. “Renovations,” it says. This includes the application of so-called anti-slip paint.

13:10 o’clock

Previous World Cup decisions in Japan

The Formula 1 World Championship has been decided 12 times in Japan, most recently in 2011 in favor of Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull. Also Nelson Piquet (1987), Ayrton Senna (1988, 1990, 1991), Alain Prost (1989), Damon Hill (1996), Mika Hakkinen (1998, 1999) and Michael Schumacher (2000, 2003) have won their titles in Japan, all on Suzuka. James Hunt, on the other hand, triumphed in the 1976 World Cup match against Niki Lauda in Fuji.

More facts and statistics can be found in our Formula 1 database!

12:50 pm

Maybe the World Cup decision will be made

Today we are all looking forward to evaluating the budget data for the 2021 season. It should be published later today. We have not yet received any information from the FIA ​​World Association.

But: We can already deal with a possible World Cup decision this weekend, because it is clear in advance what needs to happen for Max Verstappen to become number one. More about that in this article!

12:32 pm

More impressions of Suzuka

Ferrari is also happy to finally be able to travel to Suzuka again. Nice to see in the photo: the home part of the route, where the only DRS zone can be found during the weekend. This should aid overtaking maneuvers before the first corner.

12:19 pm

Participants in the press conferences in Suzuka are known

The FIA ​​world federation has moved, but not on the issue we’ve all been waiting for. It is “only” about the participants in the press conferences this weekend in Suzuka.

The following drivers will appear in front of the journalists from 6am CEST tomorrow: Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri), Fernando Alonso (Alpine), Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), Kevin Magnussen (Haas) and Nicholas Latifi (Williams).

Half an hour later, Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo), Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), George Russell (Mercedes) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) follow.

As usual, the other drivers are available for interviews in the so-called arena.

Saturday is the turn of the team leaders. At 2.30am CEST, Franz Tost (AlphaTauri), Otmar Szafnauer (Alpine) and Mike Krack (Aston Martin) will be interviewed first, after a short break Ayao Komatsu (Haas), Mike Elliott (Mercedes) and Dave Robson (Williams) turn.

After qualifying and the race, the three best placed drivers have the floor as usual.

12:01 pm

Cost cap: Should the World Cup be corrected afterwards?

This question was also asked in the current issue of ‘Starting Grid’! My colleague Ruben Zimmermann represented us there this time and had heated discussions with Sophie Affeldt and Kevin Scheuren.

In addition to the budget cap, the last GP in Singapore and Max Verstappen’s wasted weekend were also discussed, as well as the upcoming race in Suzuka.

You can listen to the new episode here:

11:47 am

lunch on Wednesday

This Wednesday almost noon and still no information from the world federation FIA in terms of the upper budget cap. But that’s not surprising: an official update was not explicitly announced for the morning. So it should be out later today.

And although we have already seen alleged “official FIA reports” on the social networks: there is no official FIA report yet, otherwise you would of course have discovered it on our portals. We at the editors are just as excited as you are for information from the world association. And once we have them, we’ll share them with you!

11:05 am

McLaren: IndyCar drivers test again

Formula 1 team McLaren is testing again this week with IndyCar drivers. While the race team competes in the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka with the current McLaren MCL36, Pato O’Ward and Alex Palou drive some test laps in Austria with last year’s MCL35M. The team explained this on social networks.

More information about this, especially about Alex Palou as a person, can be found in this formula racing article.

10:47 am

Intermediate certificate for the FIA

But before we fully focus on today’s events and the race in Japan, my colleague Kevin Scheuren has something to say – about the Singapore Grand Prix. To be precise: about the race management and their approach there. But watch and listen to our new video for yourself!

Comment: No mercy for the FIA!

Delayed start to the F1 race in Singapore, no consistent penalties for obvious violations and a winner just three hours into the race. The FIA ​​also needs explanations in 2022! More Formula 1 Videos

10:31 am

Speaking of Suzuki…

The first teams have arrived on site in Japan. Of course, there are immediately the typical Suzuka photos – especially where no one has driven since the start of the corona pandemic. The 2022 race is the first since 2019!

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