Formula 1 live commentary: Red Bull confirms Ricciardo’s comeback

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Horner: Ricciardo is “home” again.

“It’s great to bring Daniel back to the Red Bull family,” said team principal Christian Horner, who emphasized: “He has tremendous talent and a brilliant character. I know the whole factory is excited to be back home. “

The Australian himself grins: “The smile says it all! I’m really looking forward to coming back home to Red Bull.” He is looking forward to working with “one of the best teams in Formula 1”.

“I can’t wait to be with the team and support them with simulator work, test sessions and commercial activities. Let’s go!” said the Australian.

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Red Bull confirms Ricciardo’s comeback

It is not a big surprise, but now Red Bull has officially confirmed Daniel Ricciardo’s comeback. He will be the third driver for the Bulls in 2023. More here in the ticker!

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Szafnauer: Ocon had a great season

The Frenchman finished ahead of Fernando Alonso in the World Cup this year – which was also due to the Spaniard’s bad luck in 2022. Nevertheless, Otmar Szafnauer insists: “He had some great races.”

“Suzuka stands out for me. That was just great,” said the team boss. There, Ocon finished fourth, giving Alpine’s best result of the season. There he kept Lewis Hamilton behind “in the faster car” until the finish.

“He did a great job,” said Szafnauer. Without Alonso in the team, more is expected of him in 2023.

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Marko: It will be difficult to repeat in 2022

It was by no means clear from the start that Red Bull would win both world titles this year! At ‘ServusTV’, Helmut Marko recalls that Verstappen was already 46 points behind Leclerc after three races.

“We managed to turn things around,” he praises, explaining that we got out of a car “that was too heavy and not easy to adjust. […] created a car that worked everywhere – except Brazil.”

“The team has done an excellent job, both drivers have done a great job and it will be difficult to repeat that next year,” said Marko.

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Why wasn’t Mick Schumacher allowed to make donuts?

There’s a lot of excitement on social media again – and again it’s all about Mick Schumacher. After the end of the race at the 2022 season finale in Abu Dhabi, the Haas team did not allow him to do a small show for the spectators with so-called “doughnuts”.

A clip circulates online of Schumacher spinning some donuts and then being called back by Ayao Komatsu with the words, “Sorry Mick, can you please stop the donuts? Seriously, I’m sorry, Mick. But I can’t. Sorry.”

Find out what’s behind it here!

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Eight years ago today…

…Lewis Hamilton became Formula 1 World Champion for the second time! From today’s perspective, it’s hard to imagine that Hamilton had only one title before. In 2014, he was crowned the first world champion of the hybrid era for Mercedes in Abu Dhabi.

What followed was an incredible run with a total of six world titles in seven years. It wasn’t until 2016 that teammate Nico Rosberg managed to beat him once in the World Cup fight between 2014 and 2020.

What is often forgotten, however, is that Rosberg missed out on the points in the 2014 Abu Dhabi race due to an engine failure. If the problem had occurred with the other Mercedes, it would have been world champion at the time…

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Glock: Schumacher can make a comeback

Timo Glock can imagine that we will see Mick Schumacher again in a Formula 1 race. At ‘Sky’ the connoisseur emphasizes: “I wish him that he can take a step next year, even if only as a test driver.” [ist].”

He could “possibly develop at Mercedes” so that “he will come back in 2024 and then show everyone what he is good at. I think there is great potential if you give Mick Schumacher more support.”

“Unfortunately, Günther Steiner didn’t succeed,” said Glock, who emphasized: “I’m sure other team bosses can handle it better. Only then do you really see the potential of Mick Schumacher.”

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Speaking of Alonso and McLaren…

Then you think of this series of photos! Alonso has even been represented twice…

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12:42 p.m

Alonso: 2022 at least better than McLaren Honda years

Last season, the Spaniard was repeatedly annoyed by the lack of reliability in his Alpine. Still, he insists that 2022 “cannot be compared” to his difficult years at McLaren-Honda.

“We were more competitive this year,” he insists, explaining: “When I finished the races it was more fun than at McLaren-Honda, where we were always outside the points.”

He also makes it clear that despite all the criticism, he is also “grateful” to Alpine: “[Ich] will have fond memories of Alpine and Renault. We won two championships, I spent nine of my years in Formula 1 with Renault or Alpine.”

“I wish them the best of luck for next year,” said Alonso.

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Gasly: ​​That’s why the demerits need to be reviewed

The Frenchman is currently just two points away from a race ban. He himself believes that the system should be revised because Formula 1 is different today than when it was introduced.

For example, in 2023 there will be “24 races and six sprints, so 30 races in one year,” Gasly recalls, explaining: “If [das System] was introduced, we only had 19 or 20 races.”

He therefore proposes, for example, to raise the limit of the current twelve points. “But I think the FIA ​​will look into this and find solutions to make it fairer for everyone,” said Gasly.

You can find the overview of all penalty points here!

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Max Verstappen remains number 1

It’s not really a surprise, but we’ll mention it for the sake of completeness: Max Verstappen will also be driving with starting number 1 in 2023. “I think starting number 1 is the best number there is for a driver,” he explains.

He confirms that he will therefore also drive the 1 in 2023. “I can always go back to 33 when I am no longer world champion,” he insists, clarifying: “As long as I am world champion, I will use number 1 every year.”

Verstappen is taking a different path than Lewis Hamilton. Even during his years as world champion, he always stuck with 44.

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Vasseur: P6 makes ‘big difference’

In the Constructors’ Championship, Alfa Romeo P6 saved Aston Martin a hair’s breadth. “It’s very important,” emphasizes team principal Frederic Vasseur, explaining that this result is “very useful financially”.

With Alfa Romeo being under the budget cap, extra revenue made “a big difference,” he points out, adding: “I know some teams have said you can’t do anything with two million dollars.”

“But with ten million dollars we can do a lot,” he assures. And for P6 there is about ten million more prize money than for seventh place.

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Wolff: Budget limit makes overtaking more difficult

Although the race was won in Brazil, Mercedes is still behind Red Bull. The Bulls will have less development time in 2023 than the Silver Arrows. However, according to Toto Wolff, catching up will not be easy.

“This is clearly an advantage that you should take advantage of,” said Wolff, referring to Red Bull’s reduced testing time. At the same time, the cost ceiling makes it “more difficult” to close the gap, he warns.

“Because you can’t invest more to reach your goal faster,” he explains. If Mercedes gives up all its development budget at the start of the season, nothing will be left at the end.

It is therefore by no means guaranteed that Red Bull will be overtaken in 2023. “They are a brilliant racing team,” said Wolff. The limited testing time does not change that.

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Szafnauer: Race control still needs time

The race management was criticized several times this year. In this context, Otmar Szafnauer reveals: “A lot of people in the sport have said, ‘Like Charlie [Whiting] we need at least three people to replace him.”

“It was meant to be a joke. But it turned out that these jokes were true,” said the Alpine team boss, recalling that the new race management only started work this year.

So there is just a lack of experience. “And the more experience we get, the better we get in this area, so I think it will keep getting better,” Szafnauer said.

Let’s see how controversial the 2023 season will be…

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