Formula 1 budget dispute: World federation: Red Bull spent too much money in 2021

Status: 10/10/2022 6:11 PM

The world champion race team Red Bull has violated the budget cap in Formula 1, but does not have to fear heavy sanctions.

The world car association FIA announced on Monday that last season’s budget check at Red Bull revealed “slight extra expenditure”. In addition, the team of the now two-time world champion Max Verstappen and Aston Martin had problems with the control process.

Verstappen world title not in danger

The FIA ​​now wants to investigate possible sanctions against the two race teams. The umbrella organization pointed out that violations of the teams can lead to financial and sporting sanctions.

However, a mandatory deduction of championship points in the constructors’ standings will only take place if the cost cap is significantly exceeded. Presumably, Red Bull will likely end up with a fine.

The budget cap is around 151.8 million euros, up to five percent extra expenditure, or around seven million dollars, is considered “small” according to the definition. More severe penalties, such as later points deductions, would only threaten if the expenses were significantly higher. Verstappen’s first world title is probably not in danger after that.

Red Bull responds with “surprise and disappointment”

Red Bull responded with “surprise and disappointment” to the FIA ​​results. The team remained convinced that 2021 spending was below the limit. That is why the race team will now check the FIA ​​documents and possible measures, a statement said.

Budget determining topic of the past few days

The 2021 budget issue has been the dominant topic in recent days, with the teams of Mercedes and Ferrari, beaten by Red Bull, making several public criticisms. Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies calculated: “7 million, that’s 70 engineers, and 70 engineers give you a lot of lap time.”

Verstappen’s race team had repeatedly sharply rejected speculation about additional spending and even threatened legal action, and the FIA ​​also spoke repeatedly of “baseless speculation and assumptions”. Actually, there should be clarity on Wednesday, but the FIA ​​was unable to meet the deadline set by themselves.

Cost cap is intended to increase equal opportunities

The cost ceiling is intended to increase equal opportunities, even if important matters such as driver salaries are not taken into account. The plan has been worked out jointly by all teams.

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