Football World Cup 2022: Bastian Schweinsteiger dissects two DFB stars Sport

Strong criticism from ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger (38)!

The 2014 world champion, not previously known for sticking his finger in particularly deeply, analyzes the two goals conceded in our Opening match World Cup football in Qatar.

Schweinsteiger breaks apart two DFB stars

Schweinsteiger makes it clear what he thinks about the performance of two internationals in these game situations – nothing at all!

The ex-DFB captain clearly: “We made big mistakes again in defense – and as long as we do that, we will lose the games, it’s that simple!”

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Source: ARD/ZDF


Then Schweinsteiger calls names. “Now, please, let’s pay attention to the behavior of Niklas Sule and Leon Goretzka…”, he introduces – and follows a powerful analysis of the Japanese equalizer. “Niklas Süle is a defender. And if someone comes at you 1-on-1, you don’t let him run in, but close the inside lane and let him walk out – less can happen there. In that case, he gives him the chance to pull in and play the pass. Goretzka doesn’t get there after that and then stops.”

Schweinsteiger talks himself into a rage, is not nice to Süle and Goretzka: “I don’t like that. This is not good. This is very, very bad! Sure, the ball then comes from direction to Doan (Scorer/comment ie editor), but I didn’t like the behavior before that. That was not good enough for a defender like Süle. It’s a classic, really serious defensive mistake.”

The analysis of the second Japanese hit is in the ARD studio continues with Süle, who cancels the offside in the template. Schweinsteiger: “Schlotterbeck and Rüdiger wanted to play offside and they did it well. The distance defender always has to see exactly what the two central defenders are doing. And Niklas Süle has to see that he has to push away from there. A full-back should never have a make a mistake, you have to see that.”

National coach Hansi Flick does not protect Süle either. On the contrary: “If we hold the line, he is offside. Niklas just has to be careful. He cancels the offside because he falls two or three steps too far. These are individual mistakes that we had to pay for today.”

Schweinsteiger’s ex-colleague Sami Khedira then clearly placed himself in the ARD panel of experts – to Süle: “That’s a very egregious mistake! As a full-back you always have to look to the centre-backs for orientation.”


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