Filter breakdown: Carmen Geiss is no longer recognized by her fans

New snapshots are surprising

Carmen, is it really you? Mama Geiss is hardly recognizable

Carmen Geiss doesn’t look like this in her latest photos…

image/Eventpress, SpotOn

Carmen Geiss (57) is currently causing a furore with three brand new snapshots. Because the millionaire’s wife is barely recognizable on this – and it’s not because of her new haircut! She seems to have tried new filters… An absolute no-go for the community.

Has Carmen Geiss fallen into the fountain of youth?

Brilliant white teeth, ultra-smooth skin and no pores in sight – that pretty much describes the photos Carmen is now sharing on her Instagram page. Instead of compliments, the society lady gets a surprising amount of criticism.

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The reactions of the fans are rather reserved. “If Carmen Geiss hadn’t posted it herself, I wouldn’t know her”, “Soft focus on fleek – you don’t need that at all…especially since everyone sees how unnatural this smoothed-out photo is”, “Oh my god, but that was a bit much photoshop!!! You look younger than your daughters” and “The hair is great! But the filters… no-go! Especially if you make corners in the face in the second picture” Most claim that the 57-year-old does not need to retouch her photos and is a beautiful woman even without editing.

Reading tip! Filters and effects for likes: this is how Instagram & Co destroy. our children

In the video we show what Robert Geiss’ wife looked like when she was 16!

This is what Carmen Geiss looked like when she was 16!  recoil

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This is what Carmen Geiss looked like when she was 16!

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