Figure skating: “A catastrophe” – WADA wants a four-year suspension for Valiyeva

Status: 11/15/2022 11:36 AM

The International Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has started arbitration proceedings in the doping case involving Russian figure skater Kamila Valiyeva.

This has been announced by the CAS. The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA had appealed to the court in Lausanne because the Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA had not yet made a decision. The 16-year-old European champion tested positive for the banned substance trimetazidine on December 25, 2021 at the Russian championships.

That only became known at the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February, after Valiyeva won Olympic gold with the Russian team. A provisional suspension was lifted again, so that she was also allowed to start in the women’s singles and finished fourth as the top favorite. In the team competition, the USA came second and Japan third.

WADA assumes a doping violation

WADA bases its reference to the Court of Arbitration on Article 15.3 of the Rusada Anti-Doping Rules. After that, the World Agency can call the CAS if there is a case “within a reasonable time set by WADA” no decision will be made as to whether there has been a violation of the rules, the statement said. The appeal was filed because RUSADA failed to make a decision within the deadline set by WADA, it said.

When and how will Kamila Valiyeva’s doping case be decided? Sports show doping expert Hajo Seppelt believes in a highly political process that will drag on for months.

Withdrawal of medals, points and prizes?

WADA, assuming a doping violation, has requested a four-year suspension for Valiyeva and the revocation of all competition results she has obtained from December 25, 2021 – with all consequences, including the revocation of medals, points and awards, said the CAS with. A deadline for the announcement of the decision could not be given.

“We can’t comment on that”, said Rusada boss Veronika Loginowa, who allowed the Wada deadline to pass until November 4 and investigated and still wanted to keep the verdict a secret. Moscow has repeatedly portrayed the Valiyeva investigation as an anti-Russian campaign. “It’s Just Politics”, says “Sport 24”. And: “They continue to harass the Russian in Wada”, writes the portal “Sportbox”. The World Anti-Doping Agency has not been a popular organization since the discovery and punishment of nationwide doping in Russia up to the Olympic ban.

“That’s a Disaster”

A four-year suspension? That’s a disaster’, said the well-known Russian coach Alexander Schulin. Kamila Valiyeva is not only a talent, “she’s a genius – and it’s so easy to ruin her”.

In the great figure skating nation of Russia, the development of the doping case is closely followed. Most commentators are not overly optimistic about the outcome. For example, “Sport 24” suspects that Rusada simply avoided making a decision – because she already suspected that Valiyeva would be found guilty at the international level.

But that does not diminish their popularity – on the contrary. Many people at home are convinced that the celebrated child prodigy is actually innocent. “I am not familiar with all the nuances, but Valiyeva is clean”said former star coach Tatyana Tarasova recently.

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