FIFA announces blockchain games

There is hardly such a controversial, often criticized and all in all unreliable outside sports organization as the FIFA. While the FIFA shortly before the World Cup with the absurd human rights situation surrounding the tournament, the allocation and the host Qatar one enters another questionable spectrum in the digital space. Finally, it has now been officially announced that numerous blockchain titles will be published for this popular international lawn ball sports award. While the message of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX continues to reverberate through the media, FIFA decides to release numerous games intended to address this bubble.

What’s in the blockchain games?

Four games are explicitly described in the World Football Association press release. While AI League: FIFA World Cup 2022 Edition represents a 4 vs. 4 football game, which is almost entirely controlled by the AI Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup in the Upland Metaverse an eponymous metaverse around the World Cup.

The focus here is on buying and selling virtual properties. If that’s not deep enough for you, you can recommend the World Championship at Phygtl. This app gives its users the ability to bring the “Golden Globe Football” to their own space, own a “limited fragment” of that ball and “immortalize” great World Cup moments. An application all around Match Day Predictions with collectible card features should of course not be missing.

All in all, concepts based on collectibles and a wildly popular technology that is not in the least viewed critically by the players. On the meaning of numerous terms such as Blockchain, NFT or crypto we reported at the beginning of the year.

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