FIFA 23 in the test – the last real FIFA?

FIFA 23 in the test – the last real FIFA?

Also today it’s time for the 28th and according to media reports for the last time since we can get used to “EA Sports FC” in the future. A few days earlier, pre-orderers & EA members were able to test what FIFA 23 is made of. Beginning September 30, anyone could play, be it a PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia or Nintendo Switch. Every year, some groundbreaking innovations were announced, including this part. You can find out whether EA can live up to expectations in our test.

We were kindly given a PS4/PS5 key to test.

But otherwise

Prior to the arrival of EA Sports FC, the legendary games series indulged in one last feud before being rebranded and parting ways with FIFA and Electronic Arts. From the eventful FUT to the new moments and the new women’s football teams, the new edition offers a range of options that will satisfy both online players and those who prefer to play Ted Lasso’s campaigns or story.

FUT different?

Ultimate Team has changed the chemistry, the effect of power-ups and the position of the players to put a fresh spin on the gameplay. In the first case, it will now be more cumbersome to form groups where the synergies between players are better balanced to reach the maximum. While previously nationality or the league you play in changed the coordination between different players, now it can have a greater impact, so SBCs need to be thought more carefully.

On the other hand, the effects Falcon, Sniper, Anchor, Pillar, Architect and others mean that the player has a different kind of acceleration and dexterity, more explosive, more continuous or more determined at the end of a run. As for the position of the players, you can now change into that role with the position changers. If you want more rewards, take a closer look at “Moments”. Simple challenges and challenges that test your skills so that we can collect key elements to develop the parts of the XI that we can use to compete in FUT.

Super League Women

Another major improvement over its predecessors is the inclusion of sororities. This inclusion represents a decisive change, because based on the rosters existing since 2015, the inclusion of the best players already represents a normalization of the women’s competition in the emblematic football simulator of video games.

On the other hand, both the Men’s Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022 and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023 will be integrated into the game, although all details have not been announced yet as they will be included in a future patch.

Just fresher

However, if we analyze the game in more detail, we find other innovations in the new Hypermotion2. Improved player physics, lighting and AI for strategy and matchmaking. Every footballer has their own style and with this technology it is easier to see how they move on the pitch (with and without the ball), what their physical capabilities are when they collide with other players, or how the goalkeepers react, but only on new generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X) or on PC.

Free kicks, penalties and power shots are also affected by a new system and the aforementioned technology. In this new system, in the first two cases, the way the ball is hit and the precision of the shot play an important role in getting the ball into the goal. With all these details and a few more that you’re sure to discover as you explore the game, FIFA is saying goodbye to the saga with one of the closest games to real football.

Next year, the competition between UFL, eFootball, EA FC and the more-than-possible FIFA game will open up a spectrum in which players must know how to choose in order to continue to compete with the best players and enjoy the games whether they are offline. choose whether online mode.

FIFA 23 in the test – the last real FIFA?

Our conclusion

FIFA 23 takes one last leap in the right direction. Especially the Hypermotion2 technology and the introduction of the women’s teams provide a breath of fresh air. Every football fan will have fun here, both online and offline. It remains to be seen what the coming year will bring, at least we are all excited.

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FIFA 23 in the test – the last real FIFA?

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