FC Bayern Munich: Aytekin explains Bellingham’s decision

fFootball referee Deniz Aytekin referred to his discretionary powers when discussing a potential elimination for Dortmund’s Jew Bellingham in the 2-2 draw against Bayern Munich. “Jude doesn’t do it on purpose, even when it comes to contact. As a referee you think: do I still have some leeway? It was there for me,” said the “referee of the year” at Sport 1.

Bellingham hit Bayern’s Alphonso Davies with his foot against the head just before half-time. The Canadian international was then taken to hospital. Davies suffered a concussion, according to a statement released this Sunday.

With Dortmund’s Bellingham already accused of a yellow card, Aytekin could have sent the England international off the field. “Individually this is a card in theory, but in play with the overall situation” there is space that “you have to use from time to time,” said the 44-year-old. “I understand absolutely every Bayern fan who looks at the situation in isolation: that’s a yellow card.”

Kahn and Nagelsmann disagree

Aytekin was encouraged by former Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “If I’m honest, I’m also a bit with the referee and I understand that he didn’t want to finally bring the stadium to a boil. It would have been a difficult decision to send him away with yellow and red,” said Rummenigge on TV channel Bild am Sonntag.

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, on the other hand, showed no understanding at all. “There’s not much to discuss about that. He kicks him hard in the face. It’s not yellow, it’s a red card,” the coach said on Sky TV.

Oliver Kahn also spoke out on Twitter: “Where was Deniz Aytekin’s empathy with the yellow-red card for Coman?” wondered the Bayern chief. Coman was sent off with a traffic light card after a tactical error in the 90th minute.

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