Farming was still fun with the most powerful item from Destiny 1 & 2

In Destiny, there were many items that players could craft, buy and use. However, one item was so powerful and popular that every Guardian used it. It revolves around the legendary Three of Coins. Here you can find out what kind of item it is, why it was so popular and why it was banned.

What is three of the coins? The “Three of Coins” or “Three of Coins” are not real coins, but a black plaque with a white symbol. This plaque was considered a rare consumable item and could only be purchased from Xur the Black Market Vendor.

As inconspicuous as the item looks, the effect of the Three of Coins was incomparable and very popular in the community, especially with unlucky RNGs. For example, if you use it, your chances of getting an Exotic Engram are many times greater after beating a boss or completing a Crucible match.

Due to this fact, the era of effective and efficient farming of exotics broke out in Destiny 1.

Farming was fun with the three coins

Prior to the implementation of the Three of Coins in Destiny 1, all Guardians relied on luck. Either the RNG god meant well with you, or you’ve been lucky enough to follow a months-long dry spell of blue and purple engrams.

Exos were scarce back then and if you got one, it was celebrated in the clan. However, that changed with the dubious item from the “The Taken King” DLC.

Yellow engrams in particular were eagerly hunted by Guardians

Players had luck on their side and new feelings arose in the hearts of the Guardians: joy and hope.

It was just fun to earn a lot of weird coins for Xur during the week and then trade them in for a huge pile of the Three Coins. So you could independently counteract the bad drop rate of Exos.

With a large stack of black plaques, you would pick the next best attack, mission, or even Crucible match to consume one at a time. Time didn’t matter as it flew by during such farm sessions.

As a Keeper, if you stuffed your entire inventory with yellow engrams, you’d go straight to Rahool the Cryptarch and hope he wasn’t having a bad day. After decoding you either got exos that you still needed or just junk that you took apart.

fate rahool
Rahool didn’t make friends in Destiny 1 due to bad decoding

Why were they banned? While the Three of Coins were popular in Destiny 1, they were not popularly used in the early days of Destiny 2. They were a relic of the past. Since Guardians in Destiny 2 were thrown with Exos anyway, they were basically worthless and therefore lost their shine.

Bungie’s policy changed in 2017: More players, especially casuals, should enter the loot shooter universe. Had the same grind-heavy system been used as in Destiny 1, it would have put off many players who weren’t used to it. As a goalkeeper in Destiny 2, you ended up in a real hail storm full of exos that you got on every corner and almost after completing every quest.

Last but not least, Bungie recognized the seminal item and eventually removed it completely from the system when Forsaken was released.

That was a small review of what is probably the most powerful item in Destiny. Do you remember and if so, what was your first Exo you got with the Three of the Coins? Let us know in the comments!

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