“Farmer seeks wife” barn festival: The first chosen one got cold feet entertainment

Emotional chaos at the beginning of “Bauer sucht Frau”. |

The first chosen one got cold feet

Who does not celebrate the feast of love in the future alone?

The 18th season of started on Monday night “Farmer seeks wife” with the legendary barn festival. Professional matchmaker Inka Bause (53) wants to bring 12 lonely single farmers under the hood this time. Getting to know each other was a surprise to many. There was flirting, bickering and unfortunately also crying. Because a candidate suddenly wasn’t so sure anymore.

Fun for the farmers: everyone had received a lot of love mail in advance and could be selective in choosing their favorites. That meant a lot of competition for the women. Geriatric nurse Yvonne (57) immediately pulled out her claws.

Farmer Theo (58) with his chosen ones Helena (62) and Yvonne (56, left)

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

She came for farmer Theo (58) and drove rival Helena (62) crazy. ‘I think your red dress is too exaggerated, too voluminous. Bad choice I would say.” On the other hand, the Hungarian saw no competition in Yvonne. At the barn party, Theo was charmed by all the rules of art by the ladies and literally showered with presents.

Simmentaler Michael has chosen two gentlemen for the stable festival

Simmentaler Michael has chosen two gentlemen for the stable festival

Photo: RTL

Simmentaler Michael (28), who is looking for a woman OR a man, has listed all the ladies in his letters. Inka he reported: “There were very attractive women, but the letters and the pictures just didn’t fit.” The Palatinate chose two young men for this. One of them, Aaron (26) was entranced when he saw the farmer. “It looks even better than I imagined. My expectations were even exceeded.”

For dairy farmer Jörg (49), on the other hand, not everything went smoothly. The Hessian stumbled to the barn party. An accident at work was the cause. “I slipped off the excavator.” Patricia (40) and Annika (40) were waiting for him, causing the farmer’s heart to jump. Jörg gets to know each other: “People always say that there is only one great love in life. But when I saw you both, I thought it could also be something with the second great love.”

Here, nurse cow owner Jörg's two queens of hearts are still laughing.  For Annika (left) there was a great emotional chaos later on

Here, nurse cow owner Jörg’s two queens of hearts are still laughing. For Annika (left) there was a great emotional chaos later on

Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

While Patricia was of course happy with the compliment, her competitor remained remarkably silent. During the one-on-one conversation it became clear why. Annika: “In terms of sympathy and appearance, it still fits.” But then came the setback. The 40-year-old suddenly began to cry. Her explanation: “I’m very tense emotionally right now.”

Annika felt overwhelmed by the whole situation and secretly thought of leaving early. “I’m currently considering whether I would even want to go to the farm if I was selected.” Competitor Patricia did not notice the tearful drama and left no doubt about her interest in Jörg.

During the one-on-one meeting, the administrative assistant even came up close and grabbed his hand. Patricia with twinkling eyes: “I would really like to hug and cuddle you right now.”

In the next episode, TV viewers will find out how the farmer decided.

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