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“Farmer looking for woman” -Jörg animal disappointed |

His Patricia has bad news

Big setback for the dream couple of “ Farmer is looking for a wife“…

During the farm week, cow farmer Jörg (49) and his Patricia (40) to a safe world. The woman from Duisburg even introduced her 15-year-old son to the farmer. But in the dating show’s finale on Monday night, it became clear that the dream team’s biggest challenge was yet to come.

Patricia is always good for a surprise. Her latest idea was not well received by Jörg. For the first time he visited his beloved in Duisburg. When he offered her to choose an animal to live on his farm, Patricia chose a donkey. The couple went for a walk with two specimens of the ungulates, accompanied by a donkey expert.

A newly blended family: Patricia and Jörg were happy that Patricia’s son Manuel (15, left) and Jörg’s son Niklas (9, right) met

Photo: RTL

While Patricia was delighted, the farmer was less enthusiastic. Jörg made it clear: “If she wants such an animal, we can buy it. But then she also has to take care of it.” But the four-legged friend did not want to do the same as the blonde, but stubbornly stayed in one place Patricia admitted: “I had imagined it a bit simpler.” The idea was soon rejected.

For the farmer, the journey had other twists in store. Patricia revealed in a one-on-one interview: “It’s important for me to talk to Jörg now because he assumed I would come to him at the end of the year.” The couple is currently in a long-distance relationship. In a cozy spot, Patricia poured her dream man pure wine, as far as the move is concerned.

The administrative assistant admitted to the shocked farmer: “I should actually stay in my position in the public sector for four years.” She may resign, but: “If things don’t go well for us, I would never join the city of Duisburg to get a foothold again, because I didn’t keep my years.”

Jörg had to process the information first. Patricia made it clear to him, “We’ll probably have to wait four years before moving in together.” The farmer was disappointed, but finally saw the case with pain in his heart. He to his beloved: “But you must be aware that I cannot come to you too often. It is much more difficult for me.” After all, he has to take care of his farm. But he was willing to wait four years.

So it was with the other farmers

They are among the lucky lovers: farmer Ulf and Anna Lina

They are among the lucky lovers: farmer Ulf and Anna Lina

Photo: RTL

The spark also flew with farmer Ulf (31) and his lady-in-waiting. The Pinneberger said: “It was super relaxed with me and Anna Lina. We agreed that we would see each other regularly.” Both live only 50 kilometers apart.The 28-year-old is happy: “Of course we are in love.”

Farmer Theo (58) caused a small scandal at the farmer’s party. He immediately served both women who had come especially for him. He has now found happiness away from the cameras. Andrea (52) conquered the heart of the farmer by storm from the Eiffel.

Farmer Theo only found his Andrea after the farmer's party

Farmer Theo only found his Andrea after the farmer’s party

Photo: RTL

Things didn’t go so well for the latecomers of the current season. The farm week started a little later for cattle breeder Maik (30) and product manager Cathrin. The 26-year-old lacked real interest in the North Frisian.

When asked, Maik let the cat out of the bag. “In my opinion, I am not yet ready to say that it is love,” he made clear to his visitor and ended the Hofwoche early.

Hay milk farmer Martin (56) and Brandenburg Carola (54) did not want to spark either. She did her best. But the farmer from the Allgäu didn’t have much to say to his lady-in-waiting from the start. Finally the removal. Martin: “The spark didn’t fly.”

For him, the adventure “Farmer is looking for a woman” was not worth it.

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