F1 world champion on ego trip: Verstappen provokes powerful Zoff at Red Bull

F1 world champion on ego trip
Verstappen provokes powerful Zoff at Red Bull

Max Verstappen has long been the Formula 1 world champion. But he has no friends and no teammates. Although Red Bull driver Sergio Perez is still battling for the second title in Brazil, Verstappen is not interested in it. He resists the stable order and thus causes Zoff.

Failure to support Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix injured Red Bull driver Sergio Perez. “It shows who he really is,” said the Mexican after Sunday’s penultimate race of the season in Brazil – and was visibly upset. “Of course I’m disappointed after everything I’ve done for him. I’ve done a lot for him in the past, it’s no secret.” He had no explanation for his teammate’s refusal.

Verstappen has long been world champion, Perez is still fighting for the title as vice world champion. In the closing stages of São Paulo, Verstappen overtook Perez to overtake Fernando Alonso in the Alpine and Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari. However, Perez was informed by the Red Bull box that he would get the place back from Verstappen if the plan didn’t work out.

On the last lap, the sixth Verstappen was told to let Perez, who was driving directly behind him, pass. “I told you last time not to ask me that again, okay?” Verstappen wrote over the team radio in the final meters. “Are we clear on that? I’ve given my reasons and I’m sticking to that.”

Verstappen wants to do everything differently in Abu Dhabi

Team principal Christian Horner apologized to Perez. “The drivers discussed this behind closed doors. Our goal for Abu Dhabi is for ‘Checo’ to get second place. Max will do everything to achieve that,” said Horner.

Verstappen also did not want to explain anything after the race. “Of course I understand that ‘Checo’ is disappointed. But I also gave my reasons why I didn’t do it because of something that happened in the past. That’s why we all sat down and talked about it,” Verstappen said for the contest. last race of the season in a week in the desert. “We are going to Abu Dhabi, they are level on points and if he needs the help there to finish ahead of Charles I will help him.” Leclerc and Perez are in second place with 290 points each.

An incident in Monaco this year is believed to be the likely reason for Verstappen. Perez crashed just before the end of qualifying, depriving Verstappen of a chance for pole position. The race went on to win Perez.

Perez has been driving for Red Bull since last year. At the 2021 Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi, he ensured that Verstappen became world champion with his bitter resistance to Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. “You are an absolute animal,” the Dutchman praised his selfless teammates at the time.

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