Experts: King Charles III. receive a “discount award”.

Updated on 10/10/2022 at 9:05 PM

  • Charles III’s coronation is yet to come.
  • This should be simple and also without rituals.
  • But experts fear a modest ceremony would tarnish Britain’s image.

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The crowning of the King Charles III is still pending. So far, not much is officially known, but experts gave their judgment beforehand. According to British media reports, these British media reports said in unison that the new monarch will most likely prefer a slimmed-down version of the official enthronement and forgo some ostentatious rituals. For example, the guest list would have been reduced from 8,000 dignitaries to 2,000. There is also a good chance that a mandatory handover of a gold bar will not be covered.

But such a “discount crown” can bring disadvantages, insiders say. Nobility experts fear a modest ceremony could erode Britain’s position in the world. The nation must be properly presented on the world stage. It could be a missed opportunity, as pomp and circumstance would draw attention to the island. equivalent to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II have done, leading, among other things, to a significant increase in the tourism sector.

Party is urgently needed

For example, historian Andrew Roberts warns in the Daily Mail that the coronation is a “much-needed celebration” for the British people after a winter marked by high costs and war in Ukraine. It will “backfire” if this coronation becomes a “cheap coronation”. In any case, he would be sad if that opportunity was lost.

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To date, there is no exact date for the ceremony. The king is expected to be crowned at Westminster Abbey in June 2023. However, it is said from various sources that Charles only wants a small party. The celebration aims to realize his vision of a leaner, more modern monarchy. Nevertheless, keep drama and dignity. The king had many points removed from the ceremony list. The world has changed and the royal court must also react to it, according to a source from the palace, according to the newspaper.

Dress code should be relaxed

Guests of King Charles III must also complete without an actual prescribed coronation robes. These belong in a museum, a former member of the royal staff says, according to the Mail on Sunday, who would have been in charge of planning the ceremony. The dress code should be relaxed: “There will be no tweed jacket or jeans, but a morning suit or lounge suit.” Special velvet chairs, such as those made for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, will also not be on display. Conventional seating would suffice.
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King Charles III received Victoria’s governess, Linda Dessau, at Balmoral Castle. Photos show: The royal family has made some changes after the death of the queen. (Image Credit: AFP/ANDREW MILLIGAN)

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