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Experts alarmed +++ “Nightmare year 2023” expected |

Are traffic lights destroying our economy?

Will Germany become the sick man of Europe again?

The economic forecast of the European Commission is a shock for the Germans: 0.6 percent drop! According to EU experts, our economy will contract more in 2023 than in any other euro country. The analysts of the American bank Goldman Sachs go even further and expect a minus of 1.1 percent.

By way of comparison: according to the European Commission, France should grow by 0.4 percent next year, Austria by 0.3 percent and Greece by a full percent.

German experts and politicians are also sounding the alarm. They warn: energy prices are too high, companies suffer from too strict rules. If the traffic light government does not intervene, the German economy will collapse!

Germany soon at the bottom?

Economic expert Volker Wieland (56) from the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability (IMFS) tells BILD: “The industry has been sick for a long time.” Germany was “bottom of the table” as it recovered from the Corona crisis.

Wieland warns: “Due to prolonged high energy prices, parts of the chemical industry are moving away. Energy-intensive manufacturing and related jobs will decline.”

Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Chancellor Olaf Scholz


In the American newspaper “Politico” (as BILD is from Axel Springer SE) the economic situation in Germany is dealt with harshly!

“German industry looks into the abyss”, headlines the medium and speaks of a “nightmare in 2023” that awaits the Germans. “Deutsche Bank” economist Stefan Schneider is alarmed in the “Politico” report: “If we look back at the current energy crisis in about ten years’ time, we could see this time as the starting point for accelerated deindustrialization in Germany.”

Moreover, the wave of prices is not coming to an end anytime soon. The EU expects an inflation rate of 6.1 percent for 2023 – and therefore a heavy burden for the economy.

For economist Gunther Schnabl of the University of Leipzig, one thing is clear: “Due to continued inflationary pressures, Germans must prepare for a significant loss of wealth.”

CDU attacks Habeck. at

Economic expert Volker Wieland explains that the fact that Germany is now one of the hardest hit is also due to Russia’s energy dependence. But it is not only high energy prices and inflation that are troubling the German economy, but also increasingly strict regulations and ambitious climate plans for companies.

Example: The hard rules and the end of internal combustion engines have been a burden on the car industry for years! The Lower Saxony Greens, who are now part of the state government and VW’s supervisory board, want to push the end of internal combustion engines even further.

Chief Economic Committee Michael Grosse-Brömer (CDU)

Chief Economic Committee Michael Grosse-Brömer (CDU)

Photo: Tobias Koch

Michael Grosse-Brömer (62, CDU), head of the Economic Commission in the Bundestag, blames the traffic light government for the poor economic development – especially Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Robert Habeck (53, Greens).

“It is now taking revenge that the economy minister has wasted a lot of time,” Grosse-Brömer criticizes BILD. “Germany must remain an industrial country, otherwise we will lose our prosperity. It is not only important how we want to live in the future, but also from where!”

The CDU economist calls for massive relief: “The traffic light should finally free the economy from high energy costs and no further burdens for companies in the coming months.”

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