Evil West – Test: Vampire Hunt at the Garbage Frontier

If you expect clever storytelling, big emotions and complex heroes, better avoid Evil West than the vampire avoids the morning sun. Expect an action ride through a hammered Wild West fantasy, where grumpy cowboys hunt leeches mercilessly. Central to the story (we almost put it in quotes!) is the hero Jesse Reindeer. His profession: battle-hardened Secret Service agent who has declared war on vampires. Blessed with his electrified gauntlet and a testosterone overdose, Jesse cuts through a well-measured campaign that even a Michael Bay couldn’t have been dumber. The characters, in particular, are so exaggerated that they seem like caricatures of themselves. Mediocre (English) voice acting thrives on headache-inducing dialogue, so full of half-baked gags and exhaustingly macho attitudes you’d think Evil West was just out of time. There are also villains from the mothball box, who basically have nothing to say, but unfortunately still talk a lot.

Does everything look familiar? No wonder! In the early PS3 era, it would be Evil West (Buy now €59.99 ) was still in good company, as these second row action boards were still a dime a dozen. And that’s exactly what speaks for Evil West! Because we haven’t experienced games like this for a long time – and who knows, we may have even missed it a little. Anyone who likes trash, blood and tasteless sayings will certainly find something to their liking in Evil West. Everyone else better look far away.

Update: Our test is now also available with video.

10:30 in the morning
Evil West | REVIEWS | Vampires are knocking on the waste line

Bad West

The story may not be exciting or surprising, but it serves its purpose by chasing Jesse through a myriad of dark locations. You visit canyons, mines and mountains, are in swamps, temples and on riverbanks. One mission takes place among depressing oil fields, the other on a farm where the leeches have piled countless cattle into charred mounds of meat. All in all not bad at all! Graphically you can only expect a decent console standard from the last generation, especially the scenes offer little to the eye, no trace of Next Gen. However, a few levels are also quite atmospheric, and the beautiful lighting in particular always ensures a good time. Because the background music is also successful, there is enough atmosphere to carry the playing time of 10 to 15 hours – and that is more than enough.

With the right upgrade, the turret fires such chain lightning projectiles.

Source: PC Games

Most levels are linear like a straw, and climbing opportunities or interactive objects are marked with strong flashing – if you get lost there, you won’t find your way to the bathroom in the morning. Still, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled, as every few yards there are also small hideouts and rewards, usually in the form of money, which you can then invest in various weapon upgrades. Especially when exploring, the countless limitations in level design are striking, which remind us of games like the first Gears of War. For example, Jesse can only climb in predetermined places, jumping is basically not possible and if there is a puzzle, it practically solves itself.

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