Elden Ring or God of War? To vote!

“That. That’s game of the year.” sounds from an office brawl of our editor Matthias Dammes as he reviews God of War: Ragnarök. Suddenly there are differences of opinion and riots ensue, which harden into fronts. Elden Ring is clearly the better title. Just look at Metacritic, where two full dots separate the contenders for the throne. Who clearly disagrees? Editor Stefan Wilhelm, of course, who honored Elden Ring a few months ago with a (deserved!) 10/10 and says no other game in 2022 can match this masterpiece.

Ultimately, it will be a matter of taste for many people which genre they prefer, but that does not prevent the two titles from being compared at the latest over the course of the Game Awards and only one being chosen. Our Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök editors and testers all know exactly why their favorite is Game of the Year. Vote below to which title you want to award the throne.

Elden Ring: the early favourite

Vote for game of the year! Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarök or something else? (2)

Source: Bandai Namco/plassma media agency

Stephen Wilhelm: “Elden Ring is the next evolutionary stage of one of the best and most groundbreaking game series of the last decade. The core gameplay is excellent as always and the open world, unlike most games, is not a boring marketing feature, but creates a unbeatable sense of progress and discovery.

The sheer volume of content is nothing short of overwhelming and the quality is remarkably high for the size of the game. Of course, God of War: Ragnarök is the technically more advanced title, which, unlike Elden Ring, tells an understandable story and requires significantly less commitment.

But Elden Ring just dares much more and above all trusts me much more as a player! In a world full of glossy blockbusters that feel like they are all cut from the same cloth, patronizing the player and simply making them question their open game worlds, Elden Ring is the best and most refreshing contrast program I can only imagine . By far my game of the year!”

God of War Ragnarok: The Defending Champion

Vote for game of the year!  Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarök or something else?  (1)

Vote for game of the year! Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarök or something else? (1)

Source: blog.de.playstation.com

Matthijs Dammes: “God of War: Ragnarök is not about patrons and question marks at all. The game is great on so many levels that it also hits me on several emotional levels. Elden Ring only manages one emotion: frustration. Ragnarök too is an incredibly challenging game.

Souls pros will work up a sweat, especially on the higher difficulty levels. But that’s exactly where the difference lies. The game gives me the choice to play how I want. If anyone patronizes the player here, it’s Elden Ring. Add to that all the fantastic aspects that make God of War: Ragnarok so great that an Elden Ring just doesn’t have – a twisting story, great characters with fantastic actors behind them and the many emotional moments.

God of War: Ragnarök is a game with many well-thought-out elements that work together perfectly. Even after many hours it still manages to surprise you and give the gameplay new twists. Definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played and definitely my game of the year!”

Vote for your game of the year

In our office, we will certainly disagree more. That’s why we ask you: What is the game of the year? If your prize goes to another title, you can of course also select it in the survey: we evaluate the results and pass them on to our editors, and of course we share the responses with you.

And last but not least:

Based on the ratings, God of War and Elden Ring are in a league of their own, but other games would have deserved the award, or at least should be mentioned in such a mood.

Horizon Forbidden West came out in February this year and honored its predecessor. New monsters, an exciting story and improvements to previously disruptive elements result in a successful adventure. However, Guerrilla Games’ adventure does not set a benchmark, but remains within expectations with the sequel.

The winner of our hearts is of course Stray. When the test was awarded, there was a dispute in our editors over who got to play the cat adventure before it was released. Gamers and cats are already a recipe for success anyway, and with Annapurna as publisher, the velvet paw was also skillfully staged.

The title Inscryption may not mean anything to everyone, but it is considered an insider tip among gamers. Based on reviews on Metacritic, Inscryption ranks among the best games of the year. The roguelike thrives not only on its intricate story, but also on the element of surprise, making it the Fight Club of games; therefore we will not disclose any details.

Gran Turismo 7 returned to its roots this year, blasting past the competition to take pole position as “the best racing game of the year”. Gran Turismo 7 offers everything a driver’s heart desires, for motorsport fans and newcomers alike.

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