Edeka discounter before the end – 330 stores close after 39 years

Edeka closes all branches of one of its discount chains. By 2026, the supermarket will convert the locations into stores for Edeka or Nah und Gut.

Dortmund – The Edeka discounter NP, formerly known as “low price”, is gone. As RUHR24 writes, all 330 branches in Germany should gradually disappear.

food discounter POI (previously low price)
establishment 1973
Chair Minden (NRW)
Collaborator 6,000

Edeka discounter NP “low price” will close

39 years ago, the discount chain Edeka, NP was founded under the name “Lower Price”. The first store was opened in 1973 in Osnabrück. As a brand of Edeka Minden-Hannover, there are NP branches in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen and in the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The best-known discounter subsidiary of Edeka in Germany is Netto Marken-Discount. Unlike Netto, NP also sells items from the discount range Good and cheap.

NP stores across Germany are being converted into Edeka or Gut und Billig stores

NP writes on their website that they have not only grown, but have also continuously developed and adapted to the latest requirements. That’s over now (more news about supermarkets and discounters at RUHR24).

By 2026, all 330 NP branches in Germany will disappear. However, Edeka will continue to use the vacant retail space for its markets. The shops are being renovated. Markets from Edeka or Goed en Goedkoop should then move there.

Discounter NP is closed by Edeka: Edeka continues to focus on discounter products

Customers get a new store with a different assortment. Discount products are also offered there. Edeka, in particular, will always have the entry-level Gut & Billig brand, explains Bernhard Berger, retail sales manager in the region

In the future, 330 branches will bear the Edeka or Gut und Billig logo instead of the NP logo. Some branches have already been converted.

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The company tested this procedure at some of its 330 sites before making the decision. Customers need to be convinced by a wider range and high-quality furnishings.

Edeka hopes for better sales via Aus von NP

The changes seemed to appeal to customers. Based on the tests, Edeka has decided to give up all other NP locations. Noisy Edeka was able to realize a double-digit increase in turnover through the conversion of the stores.

Edeka subsidiary Netto displaces local discount chains

Edeka expects further gains from the end of NP. About a third of the NP stores should therefore gradually become small-scale new Edeka stores over the next four years. The other two-thirds of the NP network will be continued as Near and Good.

The regional Edeka discounters have been losing importance for years. Especially as a nationally growing discounter, Netto is a major competitor for smaller chains.

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