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from Claus Ludewig
The new part of the NFS series has now been officially announced. In an interview, Creative Director Kieran Crimmins explains how the game handles single player and police chases.

After a number of rumors, publisher EA went off the grid yesterday and presented Need for Speed ​​Unbound. British developer studio Criterion Games has been working on the new installment of the arcade racing game series since 2020, before getting support from the makers of Dirt 5 for several months. In an interview with IGN, Creative Director Kieran Crimmins has now commented on the handling of the vehicles. , the single player and chases.

Single Player Chase Campaign

In Need for Speed ​​Unbound there is a single player campaign that is played offline. A robbery at a car dealership separates two friends and represents the backstory of the new NFS. The player must recover the stolen car by progressing through the campaign, winning races and finally taking part in the Ultimate Street Race. In order to participate in the illegal street races you have to buy entry with virtual money. If you win, you get your money back. Each player can decide for himself which race he participates in. At each race there is a heat rating, which increases through daring maneuvers and thus allows for more prize money. However, the heat rating also ensures that you are on the police list. That’s how you give yourself chases with the police. In the chases there are different strategies to escape. In order not to create too much frustration, the player can decide for himself how intensively the police should act. There is also an optional spotter that can warn of approaching police.

In Need for Speed ​​Unbound there are characters that you will run into in the campaign.

Source: EA

Especially in duels with law enforcement, the new vehicle handling should come into its own. Each of the 140+ cars has its own strengths and weaknesses, so a Lamborghini Aventador accelerates quickly, but isn’t as agile as a Mazda MX-5, for example. Embedded in the campaign are several characters, each with their own lifestyles in terms of cars, virtual clothing and graphics/sound effects. All anime effects affect gameplay in the Takeover Scene game mode by rapper A$AP Rocky through burst nitro boosts, earning prizes for stylish driving. Players can choose from a variety of anime effects. In Takeover Scene you have to conquer different parts of the map together with other players.

Every car in the game can be tuned both visually and in terms of performance. In addition, virtual money can probably be spent on anime effects, character clothing and character poses. In addition to the single player mode, there will also be several multiplayer modes. On the next page, we reveal the first details.

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