Aldi has many new offers from Monday 14 November. It is worth visiting the online shop, but also the branches of the discounter. We show you which bargains are particularly worthwhile.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: New offers from 14 November

We start with the online shop, where we noticed e-bikes, among other things.

  • Trekking e-bike for 1,111 euros. The e-bike is available with a whopping 53 percent discount. A rear wheel motor with 250 watts of power is available. The range is up to 90 km.
  • Aluminum E-Mountain Bike for 1,111 euros. Also 53 percent cheaper than usual. The range is specified here up to 80 km. The electric motor has a power of 250 watts.
  • Aluminum E-City Bike for 999 euros. Actually costs twice as much. The city e-bike offers a range of up to 90 km and has a pushing aid.
  • projector for 159 euros. After all, the Philips projector, which can project images with Full HD resolution, is 21 euros cheaper than usual. Two HDMI connections are included.
  • tool case for 99.99 euros. Reduced by more than half. There are 101 parts in the aluminum case. The weight is 13.6 kg.
  • professional workbench for 299 euros. The worktop is made of beech wood, the working height is 95 cm. Two storage compartments and three ball-bearing drawers are included.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • patio heater for 149 euros. Heat is directed and distributed at seat height without wastage. Up to 6 kW power is possible.
  • fire bowl for 59.99 euros. Comes to a diameter of 55 cm with a height of 34 cm. With fuel tank and spark arrestor grid.
  • Mulled wine warmer for 49.99 euros. Also suitable for storing fruits and vegetables. The volume is 16 liters.
  • LED daylight lamp for 17.99 euros. Cold white, neutral white and warm white light are adjustable. The lamp is continuously dimmable.
  • sewing machine for 129 euros. At Aldi Nord, the machine from the traditional manufacturer Singer is currently offered 63 percent cheaper.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • Cast Aluminum Grill Pan for 16.99 euros. Size 28 x 28 cm and is available in two versions from Aldi Süd.
  • LED work light for 29.99 euros. Able to illuminate an area of ​​7 x 7 m in daylight white color. Intended for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Screwdriver and bit set for 19.99 euros. Several screwdrivers, bits and sockets are available here in a set. 100 parts are included in the package.
  • folding step for 24.99 euros. Has two steps and is intended for indoor use. The maximum load is 150 kg.
  • donkey for 14.99 euros. Intended for screens up to 110 cm high. When folded, the easel measures 58 x 150 cm.

How much do you know about Aldi?

Aldi offers for Singles Day on November 11

Aldi can no longer hide from special promotion days and also has a number of offers in its program for Singles Day:

  • Mixer set from AEG for 69.99 euros: With the mixer from AEG you can mix almost everything, but you can also make smoothies yourself. There are many accessories that you can use to prepare many different things.
  • Enders gas grill for 169 euros: if you are looking for a small and mobile gas barbecue, this model is exactly what you are looking for.
  • 55 inch Sharp TV for 489 euros: the 4K TV from Sharp offers everything you need and with Android TV also an operating system that is very future-proof.
  • Gaming PC with RTX 3070 for 1,499 euros: If you are looking for a powerful gaming PC, then the Medion PC with Intel Core i7 and RTX 3070 may be for you.
View all Singles Day offers at Aldi

All offers are valid on November 11, 2022 from 7 a.m. The numbers may be limited.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: New offers from November 10

We start with the online shop, where we noticed lamps, among other things.

  • Tripod lamp for 99.99 euros. Reduced by as much as 50 percent. The lamp has a gold-coloured shade and three crossed black metal legs. Bulbs are included in the package.
  • desk lamp for 44.99 euros. Otherwise it costs 139.99 euros. The LED lamp has a flexible hinge, USB connection, touch function, RGB and night light function.
  • Metal hanging lamp for 79.99 euros. Customers can save almost 40 percent here. Warm white light is generated by four lamps included in the delivery.
  • Comfort Weather Center for 79.99 euros. Reduced by almost half. The weather station provides information about, among other things, temperature, precipitation and humidity via an LC color display.
  • metal shelf for 139 euros. Offers three compartments with plenty of storage space. The dimensions of the shelf are 98 x 38 x 114 cm and the weight is 22 kg.
  • Remote controlled fire truck for 59.99 euros. At least 20 percent cheaper than normal. With rotating ladder, water spray function and sound and light effects. Aldi also offers many other vehicles.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • artificial christmas tree for 99.99 euros. Comes to a height of 180 cm. With wooden tree stand. The tree can be assembled to save space.
  • smoker for 17.99 euros. Handicraft from the Ore Mountains, made of real wood. Alternatively, a smoking room is available for the same price.
  • Christmas tree candles for 24.99 euros. Operates on supplied batteries. Three lighting functions are available: dimmable, flickering and constant.
  • LED glass balls for 9.99 euros. With LED microwire light chain and batteries included. Customers can choose between a star, a larger sphere or two smaller spheres.
  • Solar LED garlands for 12.99 euros. Intended for outdoors. The chain consists of 100 LEDs that offer different light modes.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • roller trainer for 59.99 euros. For your own bike at home training. The tire size should be between 26 and 29 inches. The roller trainer can be folded
  • Bodyweight Trainer for 12.99 euros. Customers can choose between a push-up board, sling trainer, by bar, sit-up trainer and by anchor.
  • kettlebell for 9.99 euros. Available in different colors and sizes for women and men. The breathable cycling jersey is made of polyester and elastane.
  • Winter cycling jersey for 12.99 euros. Available in different colors and sizes for women and men. The breathable cycling jersey is made of polyester and elastane.
  • medical equipment for 19.99 euros each. Aldi Süd offers a blood pressure monitor, fever thermometer and pulse oximeter. Batteries are included.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: older offers from November 7

We start with the online shop, where we noticed fireplaces and radiant heaters, among other things.

  • radiant heater for 99.99 euros. Otherwise it will cost 129 euros. Provides an even 360° heating effect without preheating. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • garden fireplace for 169 euros. Here customers save 43 percent. The Kingston XL model is made of steel and features a chimney with a stainless steel ring. The base serves as wood storage.
  • firewood rack for 69.99 euros. At least 21 percent cheaper than normal Intended for storing and drying logs up to 30 cm in length. Smaller kindling is found in the lower area.
  • wall heater for 99.99 euros. Normally costs 129 euros. When mounted on the wall, customers can count on a radiation range of 4 x 4 m. Up to 1,500 W power is possible, in three phases.
  • Power Generator Inverter for 249 euros. Saved a whole 50 euros. Petrol is converted into electricity and the engine has a power of 1,500 W. Can also be used as an emergency power supply.
  • outdoor wall lamp for 39.99 euros. Just halved at Aldi. The outdoor lamp measures 16.5 x 15 x 27 cm. LED bulbs are included.

Important: Radiant heaters and electric heaters have a high power consumption. They are suitable for additional heating in cold winters, but not only for heating. An already installed gas heating system is considerably cheaper despite higher prices.

New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • dehumidifier for 139 euros. Suitable for rooms up to 20 m². The water tank has a capacity of approximately 6 l.
  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for 19.99 euros. Intended for wet and dry vacuuming. The integrated battery has a capacity of 2,200 mAh.
  • Wireless window vacuum cleaner for 49.99 euros. The Kärcher brand product comes with a battery, spray bottle, battery charger, detergent concentrate and microfibre cloth.
  • LED floor lamp for 59.99 euros. With separate reading light. The lamp is continuously dimmable and reaches a height of 180 cm.
  • Kids Electric Toothbrush for 17.99 euros. Otherwise it will cost 39.99 euros. Customers have the choice between several Disney motifs.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • radiator for 99.99 euros. The electric heating delivers a power of up to 2,500 W. There is a choice of three infinitely adjustable power levels.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier for 29.99 euros. Equipped with an extra spare filter and removable water tank. An aroma bowl for fragrance oils is also included in the package.
  • heating pad for 9.99 euros. Can be used for the back, neck and shoulders and as a sofa heating pad. Nine temperature and timer levels can be set.
  • heated underblanket for 17.99 euros. With two separately adjustable heating zones. Automatically turns off after three hours.
  • Winter jersey bedding for 29.99 euros. Consists of 100 percent cotton and measures 200 x 135 cm. Four different designs are available.