Duchess Meghan gets anger and ridicule

Meghan’s podcast “Archetypes” is now supported by a fact checker.Image: www.imago-images.de / imago-images

Jennifer Ullrich

Meghan Markle has been struggling in public – not only, but especially since the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey alongside her husband Harry. Virtually every action by the Duchess is criticized in one way or another. Only recently it became known that Meghan has ended the long-term partnership with the PR agency “Sunshine Sachs” in order to save her image.

Now she also draws consequences for her new podcast “Archetypes”. As the Daily Mail reports, the 41-year-old hired a fact-checker for her Spotify project. This in turn creates a lot of ridicule on the internet.

Meghan plays it safe

“Archetypes” was launched in August 2022, but was then interrupted during the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. The team also includes author Nicole Pasulka, whose interests are very similar to Meghan’s.

Hardly a day goes by that Meghan and Harry don't make headlines.

Hardly a day goes by that Meghan and Harry don’t make headlines.Image: www.imago-images.de / imago-images

On her homepage, the author proclaims, “I write about criminal justice, activism, race, music, business, queer culture and gender.” Her recently published book entitled “How You Get Famous” is about the New York drag scene.

However, Pasulka’s role as a fact-checker for Meghan Markle would be strictly limited to the podcast. She does not attend any other public appearances.

Mock for Meghan on the net

Exactly this is a found food for many people on the net. After all, in the past there have been doubts about whether Meghan is telling the truth. One controversial case, for example, is a claim by the Duchess that son Archie’s room was on fire during a stay in Africa. Several insiders then spoke and only spoke about a smoking stove. There was no fire.

Now social networks are speculating: Meghan hired the fact-checker only for her podcast so she could blame someone else if she was later confronted with controversial statements. “She can just blame her ‘fact checker'”says this user:

Elsewhere you can read: “Nobody needs a fact-checker unless you’re not honest.”

Finally, one user taunted: “Meghan and facts, it’s never been matched. Why should it be any different now? How much money are you willing to bet the fact-checker will be pushed to agree to all of Meghan’s ‘facts’?”

Only rarely is the decision soberly evaluated on social media — like here: “As a librarian and podcaster, I’m here to say that there is no suspicion (nor a confession of negligence) that Spotify is hiring a fact-checkerto work on Meghan Markle’s podcast. The world needs more facts.”

In any case, the fact is: After this post, the world will take a closer look at “Archetypes”. Harry’s memoir, due out this fall, should soon provide explosive fuel for the Sussexes as well.

Duchess Meghan is steadily falling on the British Royals popularity list. Her reputation has been limited for years. At the latest since the controversial reveal interview she and her husband Prince Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey, she’s dealt with a lot of people. She has received a lot of criticism, especially in the UK. This is again apparent from the news about the death of Queen Elizabeth.

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