DTM 50 centimeters past the catastrophe

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The wild crash at the Mercedes Arena on lap six shocked the DTM (click here for Saturday’s race report). But what many didn’t even notice: the engine, ripped out of the rear of the 911 GT3 R during the violent impact of SSR driver Dennis Olsen, hit the driver’s door of AF Corse driver Nick Cassidy’s Ferrari! The DTM thus narrowly avoided a catastrophe.

Dennis Olsen’s destroyed Porsche, behind it the broken engine


“We’ve had a lot of bad luck,” AF Corse sports director Ron Reichert said in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’, visibly upset. “Nick was hit hard, the engine flew into our car. If it had hit it 50 centimeters higher it would have gone through the window. There would have been a net, but still…”

The impact point in the front area of ​​the demolished door by the burning engine block is clearly visible, the New Zealander shouted directly over the radio: “The engine hit me!” Nevertheless, he managed to bring the badly damaged Ferrari back to the pits.

Why was so careful about Cassidy’s recovery?

Extreme caution was required when salvaging Cassidy, for the worst was to be expected after the radio message. “We talked to him first and asked him, ‘Is everything okay? Can you move your head? Do you have any pain?'” Reichert says.

“Fortunately, you train for that. And our mechanics are relatively fit and then slowly and carefully got him out through the passenger side, also because the door wouldn’t open anymore.”

DTM final 2022: Bad crashes end well!

Saturday’s race at the DTM season finale in Hockenheim started with several moments of shock: but no driver was seriously injured in the serious accidents. In the end Lucas Auer won ahead of Sheldon van der Linde. The title rivals are just two points apart for the final race! More DTM Videos

After the examination in the medical center, everything was clear: “Everything is fine”, confirms the sports director of AF Corse. “But as a driver you have to deal with that first when an engine hits you.”

After crashes: no start clearance for Olsen and Preining

In addition, his car will not be roadworthy on Sunday due to the significant damage. Cassidy isn’t alone: ​​The rear of SSR driver Olsen’s Porsche, who was hit by Feller and subsequently involved in the Cassidy incident, was also completely destroyed.

Not only is the car irreparably damaged, the Norwegian, who suffered bruises, will not start on Sunday. After the violent blow and the examination at the hospital in Mannheim, he did not get the green light from the DTM race doctor. The same goes for Bernhard Porsche driver Thomas Preining, who is also not allowed to start.

His car is also scrap. Timo Bernhard’s team tried to find a replacement car, but due to the race doctor’s decision, this was no longer the case. The Austrian was no longer allowed to calculate title chances due to the crash.

David Schumacher: Bruises on the Lumbar Spine

It was the result of a duel with Winward Mercedes driver David Schumacher, in which both crashed heavily into the crash barriers and Ralf Schumacher’s son was also slightly injured. “I was driving to the left of Preining through the fast right in front of the eastern grandstand as he withdrew. We hit each other, both turned right and from then on I was just a passenger,” Schumacher describes the accident. “The blow was really heavy.”

Preining confesses to ‘ran.de’: “I gave David as little space as possible and tried to spread myself out. And he has to come back at some point. From my direct perspective in the car, however, he came back a little too aggressively. ” The crash “hurted a lot and it was certainly very expensive.”

In Schumacher’s case, the consequences of the impact included a scraped knee and bruising to the lumbar spine. Schumacher was taken to hospital in Ludwigshafen, but Schumacher’s Mercedes-AMG was also so badly damaged at the front that he was out of action on Sunday.

Why a rescue helicopter was deployed at Ineichen

Rolf Ineichen

After the violent impact: Schmid helps teammate Rolf Ineichen to get out zoom

One pilot was even flown to the hospital in the rescue helicopter: Swiss Grasser Lamborghini pilot Rolf Ineichen. After the restart, following a chain reaction in the first corner, which also involved team-mate Clemens Schmid and Attempto Audi youngster Marius Zug, he slammed into the wall head-on and then complained of back pain.

All pilots were examined at the medical center, but as a precautionary measure, due to back pain, the rescue helicopter was activated in Ineichen to take the 44-year-old to the clinic in Ludwigshafen. There, however, the all-clear was quickly given and Ineichen returned to the track.

But he won’t start on Sunday either. “I would drive,” he told team principal Gottfried Grasser, but the Huracan GT3 Evo was too badly damaged to allow a start.

So it is already clear: the Ferrari of Cassidy, the two Porsches of Preining and Olsen, the Mercedes-AMG of David Schumacher and the Lamborghini of Ineichen will not start on Sunday. This means that the field has been reduced by no less than five cars and is now only 22 cars strong.

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