Dragonflight brings back a character you saved 18 years ago

In the upcoming WoW expansion Dragonflight you will meet an old acquaintance – one you saved eons ago.

All the great heroes will soon end up in World of Warcraft’s Dragon Islands, but a whole host of smaller and lesser-known personalities are also drawn to this place. Not only will you meet new acquaintances, but also many old characters that you may have last seen nearly two decades ago. Also included is Naralex, one of World of Warcraft’s biggest sleepyheads.

Who is Naralex? Especially Horde players who have been around since “Vanilla” should still be able to do something with this name. In case you don’t remember, here are two little hints: The Barrens, the Wailing Caverns.

At the time, Naralex was a night elf druid who, along with some students, wanted to explore the Wailing Caverns and the strange natural phenomena there. However, his students became the infamous “Druids of the Claw” that you had to fight in the dungeon because they were damaged by the nightmare.

Naralex “cools” in the Weeping Caverns in Classic. (Image source: wowhead)

Naralex himself was found in the last part of the dungeon, sleeping on a rock, still trapped in the nightmare world. In the final battle, you had to protect your body from approaching enemies.

In the end, Naralex was rescued by the heroes and later appeared in Cataclysm. Due to Deathwing’s destruction of the world, there were strange overgrowths in parts of the wasteland that had to be enclosed.

Where can you find Naralex in Dragonflight? To the delight of all the Druids, Naralex apparently hasn’t gone to sleep in the meantime. You can find him in the “Academy of Algeth’ar” – this is one of the new dungeons of Dragonflight and a place where dragons increase their knowledge and pass it on to others. Although it is a dungeon, not only are there enemies but also many friendly NPCs – including Naralex.

WoW Ochersera Naralex wowhead
Ochersera and Naralex at the Algeth’ar Academy. (Image source: wowhead)

You can find the night elf druid with the green dragon woman Ochresera, who has the title “Teacher of Oneiromancy” – that’s the lore of Dream Interpretation. So it seems that Naralex hasn’t quite gotten over his nightmare experiences yet and is still trying to see what was actually shown to him there. Possibly an indication that we are reconnecting with the nightmare and the Ancient Gods – after all, they created the nightmare.

Actually there is a reunion with many old acquaintances in Dragonflight. So you can also meet a certain writer who writes a few tacky novels again…

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