Detroit: Police fire 38 shots at mentally ill in three seconds

Police fire 38 shots in three seconds at mentally ill 20-year-old

Detroit Police Chief James White tried to defend officers’ behavior at a press conference (stock image)

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He had a knife, they had guns: in Detroit, police officers shot a 20-year-old man who was mentally ill. 38 shots hit the man in just three seconds. The family lawyer speaks of an execution.

The video, presented by the Detroit Police Chief at a press conference, lasted only a few minutes. They showed the police action in which Porter B. was killed. The 20-year-old black man’s big brother called around 5 a.m. Sunday morning, according to his family, after he cut the tires of his car with a knife. “He was concerned for his safety as well as for the safety of local residents,” said Police Commissioner James White.

In the video, the young man diagnosed with schizophrenia stands a few feet away from the police officers. For four minutes, the officials are said to have followed the training protocol and tried to calm B. and let him drop the knife. “We’re here to help you, Porter, okay,” an officer from the crisis intervention team said. ‘We just want to help you. Your brother’s worried about you, I’m worried about you. You have no problems. Can you just talk to me and drop the knife?’

Detroit Police Operation Ends In Death For Mentally Ill Black People

Then you can hear on the recordings how the agents ask him not to approach the agents and put the knife away. B. replied, “No, I don’t,” minutes before sprinting to the officers. The first shots are heard, then the video stops. Five officers drew their guns and fired 35 rounds at the young man in three seconds.

“The officer feared for his safety and the other officers feared for their partner’s safety and fired their weapons,” White defended her actions. “Despite this horrific act, officers were able to quickly switch to a first aid mode and begin providing first aid. Officers allegedly took him to a local hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. According to a statement, police released one of the officers the backseat of the patrol car gave him chest compressions all the way to the hospital.

According to police, Porter B. had attacked three relatives with a knife in the past three years, including his seven-year-old stepsister. He was eventually admitted to a mental institution, from which he later broke out. It took four officers to take him into custody, and several tasers were called during that escape.

Meanwhile, the family’s lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, expressed his dismay at the police’s actions. “If the training consists of shooting clearly mentally ill young men or women, then this training is absolutely inadequate, flawed and nonsensical,” Fieger said. “You don’t shoot people who are suffering from psychotic attacks of schizophrenia.” He accused the police chief of trying to cover up the incident: “You have all kinds of equipment. You said you had disabled all vehicles. If you were afraid of a 7-inch knife, you could roll up the windows of your vehicle and close drive up to him. Take one of the armored vehicles you use for bomb clearance. They can’t stand a three inch blade. What about all the body armor the police have? They have helmets. They have armor and “They have body armor everywhere. Are you telling me today you don’t have the equipment to put a police officer on someone with a knife and instead have to execute them from 40 feet away? That’s just absurd.”

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Fieger also blamed Michigan’s lack of long-term mental health hospitals, which he said leaves police and prisons responsible for dealing with people in a mental health crisis. He filed a police report on behalf of the family.

Porter B.’s family called for a protest march on Friday, during which family and friends of the 20-year-old took to the streets. The crowd chanted: “Police brutality must stop, fire and arrest these killer cops”.

As reported by CNN, among others, the Michigan State Police has opened an investigation into the matter to investigate. Meanwhile, the Detroit Police Department is conducting an administrative investigation.

Detroit: Police fire 38 shots in three seconds on mentally ill 20-year-old man

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