Detlef D! Soost: Accident at rehearsal “Skate Fever”

How is he doing after the surgery?

Double joint fracture! “Skate Fever” judge Detlef Soost fell while roller skating

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Everything for “Skate Fever”!

Detlef Soost stumbles into the studio on crutches

Skate Fever judge needs surgery – metal plate and screws included!

Ouch, that hurts! Detlef Soost himself did not think that his journey on roller skates would end like this. In July 2022, the 52-year-old will go skating together with jury colleague Constance, but Detlef doesn’t really want to play sports. “When I put on the roller skates I realized relatively quickly: it’s like walking on eggshells! We practiced for almost nine minutes, then I wanted to try to brake. Then Constance only saw I was horizontal in the air because my wheels slipped out from under me.”says the “Skate Fever” judge in an interview.

Detlef Soost about his skating accident Ouch!

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Detlef Soost about his skating accident

Then the accident took its course: “Then I hit my butt on my left ankle (weighing 100 kg). It went ‘clap clap’ twice and I had a double fractured ankle bone in my left side. At first I thought, ‘Calm down, we’re just stretching the ties, I can do that!’ The next day I couldn’t walk anymore. Three days later there was an operation – now there is a metal plate in it, screwed in with seven screws…”

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Detlef Soost respects the performance of the “Skate Fever” celebrities

After the accident, it is even on the verge of whether Detlef can still sit on the jury in “Skate Fever”. But the fall made one thing clear to the choreo king: “That obviously shows how demanding this sport is for our famous candidates! And it allows me to judge the performance of our candidates even better.”

By the way, the jury member “Skate Fever” is now doing very well again: “The surgeon did a great job. I also gathered the best pharmacists, physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons and discussed with them what I could do best. I then started Pilates and do everything I can to ensure that my wounds heal quickly. So after three weeks I was back on my feet. Everything for the cure and everything for Skate Fever!”

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