Detail of the series shocks fans

“7 vs. Wild”: Knossi found a volleyball on the beach.Image: screenshot youtube

Janna Eiserbeck

Knossi was seen twice on Saturday evening – on TV and on YouTube. While whizzing through the ice channel at TV Total Wok WM, he tried to survive in the Panamanian wilderness at 7 vs. Wild. At the “Wok WM” things didn’t go so well for Knossi and his team, consisting of MontanaBlack, Trymacs and Unsympathetic TV. On the other hand, Knossi managed to score three unusual points in the survival show. And it wasn’t just this time that the fans were bothered by another detail.

And that’s despite the fact that the end of episode two left many viewers worried about Knossi. Because the Twitch star was shown ramming a stick into his bare foot. The blood flowed, the wound was even gritty. The disclaimer “If foreign objects enter the bloodstream, there is a risk of blood poisoning” frightened some fans. The community was almost a little disappointed when it became clear in episode three that the injury was likely exaggerated by the show’s creators. One fan even felt “ripped off” by the cliffhanger, as he said on Twitter:

Twitter users are annoyed by pollution

However, it wasn’t the dramatized injury that more and more viewers bitterly resented, but the strewn beaches. In the episodes, especially in the beach area of ​​Knossis, you see again and again how much garbage is lying around in nature. On Twitter, users are angry and concerned at the same time. “What do we do with our environment?” or “If our time on this planet is up, we’ve done it to ourselves” are just some of the horrified comments.

What is a thorn in the side of viewers out of love for the environment, however, becomes a blessing for the candidates of “7 vs. Wild”. Because the idea of ​​the format is actually to survive at best seven days with as few objects as possible on the beach in Panama. Now Knossi and his comrades-in-arms enjoy what the Pacific has washed up on. On what man has just thrown away somewhere. Useful and unnecessary.

From countless water bottles to a net to sandals, a chair or even a doll’s head, everything is included…

After a seven-year break, the “TV Total Wok WM” celebrated its big comeback on Saturday night. 50 celebrities from eleven countries raced across the ice rink in Winterberg in one and four-person woks.

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