Democrats hold majority in US Senate: “This victory belongs to Joe Biden”

Stand: 13.11.2022 5:50 pm

Nevada made the decision: the US Senate remains under the control of the Democrats. While there is relief among them, ex-President Trump has already identified a culprit in his party.

By Ralf Borchard, ARD Studio Washington

The fact that the Democrats managed to retain a narrow majority in the US Senate is considered a success for the president. “This win belongs to Joe Biden,” said Elizabeth Warren, Democratic senator from Massachusetts, in an interview with the NBC television network.

During his trip to Asia, the president himself reacted to the Senate results from Arizona and Nevada: “I feel good where we are now,” said a visibly relieved Biden. “I’m incredibly happy.” He again offered talks to Republicans in Congress, emphasizing that he wanted to continue his previous political agenda over the next two years.

The U.S. Senate remains majority Democratic

Kerstin Klein, ARD Washington, Daily Issues 10:45 p.m., Nov. 13, 2022

One of the first Democrats to react to the Nevada result was New York Senator Chuck Schumer. Written off by many, he now remains the majority leader in the Senate. “The American people have rejected the anti-democratic, extremist MAGA Republicans,” Schumer said. This refers to the supporters of ex-President Donald Trump, who continue to follow the slogan “Make America Great Again”, shortened to MAGA.

Trump’s presidential candidacy expected

On his social media platform, Trump himself blamed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for the poor performance during the midterm elections. Trump said McConnell had financially supported the wrong Senate candidates. Earlier he had again claimed without any evidence that there was electoral fraud.

Despite the election results, many in the Republican Party expect Trump to announce his 2024 presidential nomination Tuesday evening. However, Liam Donovan, who has advised Republicans in several election campaigns, stressed on radio station NPR that this does not mean that Trump does not face competition within the party. The other potential presidential candidates like Ron DeSantis “just kept their powder dry at the moment”.

No decision yet in the House of Representatives

Majorities in the House of Representatives are still open. A slim majority of Republicans are considered likely here. So President Biden will need the Republicans for larger legislative projects.

On the other hand, the fact that the Democrats continue to control at least the Senate means that Biden can continue to nominate and enforce judges, ambassadors and other government representatives with his own Senate majority. And a total political blockade by the Republicans will certainly become more difficult in the next two years.

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