Crowds in Danish royal family after title withdrawal: Queen Margrethe apologizes

Updated on 10/04/2022 17:23

  • After the removal of the title caused resentment among the Danish royal family, Queen Margrethe II has now apologized in a public statement.
  • She underestimated how much the change would affect her children and grandchildren.

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After both Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie came out critical after the title was revoked, Queen Margrethe II has now responded with a lengthy apology.

A statement was published on Instagram that reads, among other things: “In recent days, there have been strong reactions to my decision about the future use of titles for Prince Joachim’s four children. This also affects me of course.”

She did not take this decision lightly. As queen, it is her duty to “ensure that the monarchy remains contemporary”. That sometimes calls for “difficult decisions” and it “will always be difficult to find the right moment,” writes Margrethe.

Children are the “pride” of Margrethe

Holding a royal title carries with it a “set of responsibilities that will have fewer members of the royal family in the future”. She describes the adjustment as “a necessary safeguard for the future of the monarchy”.

Still, as a mother and grandmother, she has “underestimated how much my youngest son and his family feel hurt,” which she regrets. After all, her children, in-laws and grandchildren are her “proud”. Finally, she hopes “that you as a family will now find the peace to face this situation”.

Marie about Denmark: ‘Athena is bullied at school’

Both Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have now made public statements about the sudden withdrawal of the title. Both criticized the fact that their children were also affected by the change. Ten-year-old Athena, in particular, is suffering, as Marie told the Danish newspaper BT: “Athena is being bullied at school. They come and say, ‘Aren’t you a princess anymore?'”

Her children were “displayed in public” at school. As parents you didn’t have time to ‘prepare them for the change and for people’s reactions’.

Joachim also commented on “BT” being critical of his mother’s decision. He was informed “five days in advance” of the change. His children are “upset” and don’t know why their identity is being taken away: “Why should they be punished like this?”

On September 28, it was announced via Instagram that the titles and forms of address of many members of the Danish Royals will change. From January 1, 2023, Joachim and Marie will be called the Count and Countess of Monpezat. Joachim’s children Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena are only addressed as “Excellence”. According to media reports, Joachim and Margrethe have not spoken to each other since then.
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